Purely Feminine Fatale

Since I’m allegedly trying to stay on track here, however, I’ll endeavor to move along and save the “Nom de Plume Plums” title for another day. Sticking with our French theme here for a moment, we can thus smoothly transition to our Starlet du Jour, Georgia Jones, who coincidentally happened to be doing a lot of French Kissing when first we met her. We were attending an XRCO show back in 2007, and Georgia arrived as Jana Jordan’s date.

(Depending upon how long you’ve been around here, you may remember the coverage of the event. If not, or if you’d like to refresh your memory about how sadly our old presentation displayed on a wide screen monitor, you can GET UP TO DATE with that handy little link. [Obviously there’s no link on the free side, because what would be the point of putting in a link that only members could get to?] If you do have a wide screen monitor, though, you’ll probably want to take the window out of maximum view and size it down to some width that makes the thing much more readable. Ever notice how smart you are now, compared to how dumb you used to be?)

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Finally to the Feminine Fatale

Basically all we need to know for today boils down to an understanding that as the night went on, Jana and Georgia became more and more of a “couple” – apparently fueled by those juice drinks they were consuming at an impressive rate. I would have thought alcohol might have been involved, but since they were both underage, that couldn’t have been the issue. Clearly no one would agree to purchase an alcoholic beverage for someone under the legal drinking age at a private party in a Hollywood club, even if she happened to be a really pretty girl. Obviously that never happened. Whatever the case, at the conclusion of the evening the “dates” had evolved into conversations (at least) regarding a much more “committed” involvement set to transcend this one event.

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