Remembering the House of Renee Perez

House of Perez

A House of Cards (as it turned out)

by D.Minion


Renee PerezAs I mentioned in my Sophia story, I believe that when humans announce their plans, God laughs. And I’m sure He was chuckling in Heaven as Lucky and I got ready to cover the last story of our Ninn Worx career, House of Perez. Except we didn’t know it was the last story … [Despite her relatively lengthy career in the adult business, D.Minion still approaches things with a refreshing naivete. The much more worldly, and therefore cynical, among us saw the writing on the wall weeks before this particular shoot, and some day we’ll write about that. Today, though, we have enough to cover, what with DM’s 650+ pictures (and a half-dozen typically bizarre video clips). For now, just understand we realized that when the owner suddenly sells his business and becomes a 49% shareholder in a new business, well, odds are extremely good that this will end badly. … So let’s get on to the pretty girls. … That’s Renee Perez adorning the next paragraph. Good-Lookin’ thing, isn’t she?]

As a matter of fact, we were getting ready to move to Norco, California, where Ninn Worx_SR is based. I’d contacted my real estate agent on the Central Coast, and she told me that to sell my condo I’d have to list it at about $70,000 LESS than I’d paid for it less than three years ago. OK. … I could do that. … [See? She’s adorable, right? For what it’s worth, though, we have learned over the years not to start discussions with D.Minion by exclaiming, “Are you insane?” … She’ll just say, “Of course,” and move merrily along. It can be quite disconcerting until you get used to it.]

I’d been given a name of a good real estate agent in the Norco area. Lucky had been scanning ads and web sites for houses and condos. Yup, we were getting ready to go. (You can hear the laughing right now, right?) [Yes, but we can assure you that we’re laughing with you and not at you. … Really.]

Even More Risque:  Wendy Divine & The Pizza Man

As we cruised down the coast, all was right with the world! The first day we were shooting again at the Spearmint Rhino Stables. A guest house on the grounds served as makeup room – craft services – wardrobe area, so, armed with my trusty camera and trusty notebook, I headed for the guest house. (That’s where all the action is first thing in the morning!) [No. That’s just where all the action for people that drink tea instead of coffee is first thing in the morning. A surprising number of people in the industry drink tea instead of coffee, actually, which is probably why Maverick enjoys XXX so much. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the beautiful naked women. Riiiiiiiiight … .]


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