Remembering the House of Renee Perez

House of Perez

Renee solo’d for the cameras in a hot pink bustier by the garden gate. Jana donned a black bustier top and followed Renee’s lead. [Not being a particular fan of the French, or their language, I actually looked up the spelling of that “bustier” word, in this context pronounced as “BOOS-tyey” according to online sources. I have no idea what word you’d use to describe a woman that had a larger bust than another, but we can verify that the French are just weird.]

d.minion memoryAs Jana became more and more naked, she teased the cameramen, asking them to take off THEIR clothes, and telling cameraman Matt that she’d like to fix him up with her girlfriend Georgia Jones! d.minion memory[Naturally that always makes a guy feel really wonderful about himself, when a beautiful girl says she has a friend she’d like us to meet. … Yep. That really makes us happy, when she has a friend that might want to get to know us better, but she sure doesn’t want to do it herself. … Don’t you wonder if people ever really pay attention to what they’re saying? … On that topic, though, you might notice that either Lorraine Sisco had decided that this gig was going to end soon too, and so she was practicing for a new career as a plumber, OR she was not overly concerned with crew members remaining completely covered up this warm day. Also, you can see that rather than become embarrassed, Lorraine just put some of her “wardrobe malfunction” to a practical use, once someone pointed it out.]

d.minion memoryMore posing with Sophia and Jana, and then it was finally time for Sophia and Renee’s scene!  The American flag on the cottage caught Michael Ninn’s attention. He wanted the scene to begin there. Ever the egalitarian, Mr. Ninn himself grabbed a hose and squirted the concrete and the bushes in the area to “make them sparkling!” He directed Ms. Perez to an area near the flag. “This is for our boys in uniform,” Michael said. “It would be a shame to put her in a burkha!”  (I totally agree!) Renee, in a tiny white dress by the American flag looked very patriotic to me! [And although there are a few shots of Renee and her patriotic posing, they ended up in “Day 1B” too before we pulled them back here. If you try to rush a Miracle Minion, you’re going to get rotten Miracles.]

Even More Risque:  Through the Eyes of Faith Leon

Renee strutted for the cameras, and then lay down to rest by the pool. Just then, Sophia happened by. They liked each other a lot, and immediately began kissing and stroking each other. Cameramen Barry and Matt, ever the professionals, jumped into the pool to get the perfect shots of the ladies next to the pool. [Uh-Huh. The fact it was about 150 degrees outside had nothing at all to do with the guys wanting to be in the pool. … I’ve mentioned before what a miserable, worthless excuse for a place to live that Norco, CA happens to be, haven’t I? Now I didn’t spend a lot of time there, but I’m pretty sure there’s a local ordinance that makes planting trees illegal, because there sure don’t seem to be many of them. I do know for a fact (according to someone that lives there) that you can get a ticket for parking along a “horse trail” — which might make sense if you don’t know that in every other city in America these “horse trails” are called sidewalks.]


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