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Finally “Fore” on The Four

We promised our good friends over at Adam & Eve that we would sneak in a mention here that if you know where to look, you can actually get your own copy of Michael Ninn’s The Four a full couple of months before it officially becomes available. … Not to be TOO sneaky about it, we decided to go with our usual tongue in cheek subtlety, so … um … LOOK HERE to take advantage of that chance. Honestly, this came as no major sacrifice, just so you know, because we like being nice to Adam & Eve. Who knows when we might need a fig leaf, after all?

If It Feels Good …

by Nobody Special

Renee Perez in The FourWe’ve mentioned quite a few times here that when it comes to product packaging design, our dear friend Michael Ninn could suffer from what we benevolently call “Artistic Paralysis” to some degree. Many times we have been in a position to look at work in progress on cover art, and it may surprise you to learn that almost that same number of times we have been confused by the decisions regarding text. It has become shorthand in conversation here to say simply, “I was more going for the look of it,” — which means basically, “Yeah, you can’t really read it, but gosh doesn’t the design of the text lines look great in support of the (vastly higher on the importance scale) photograph?”

Now we’ll admit that people probably pick porn movies slightly differently than they do more mainstream Hollywood fare. Certainly a Star Factor exists in both realms, but the industries seem to approach differently the part of their customer base that doesn’t select on star alone. Aside from the percentage of the population that will want to see any show that features their favorite performer, both adult and non-adult producers would seem to then fall back on “story line” to encourage viewership. And before you jump on the “characters don’t matter in porn movies” bandwagon, think about this: Why do you think that the “parody” rocketed into marketing dominance over the past few years? … You already know the people in the story; you know all about them. And NOW you get to watch them have sex.

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Thus the debate continues between the simplistic “show them a pretty woman on the cover that they want to see naked” approach and the more refined “give them a scenario that they find titillating and an attractive cast and you’ll increase your viewership” standard.

Why does this matter today? Well, attentive members will recall that we actually started out our countdown of The Four Women of “The Four” with Renee Perez back on April 28th, but Michael didn’t think that gave a strong enough impression of Renee, so we dropped her into the new “final” slot as well. Honestly, we didn’t feel like we could have too much Renee, really, so why worry about it?

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