Andie Valentino and Kelly Franklin

Andie Valentino: Want Somebody to Love

Kimberly Franklin Pays Andie ValentinoPamper Your Pet

by Nobody Special

Do you really want somebody to love? Do you honestly need somebody to love?

We can all form theories from a collection of known facts. Certainly if those facts exist inside an area with which we have some high degree of expertise, these theories may even be solid. Like all theories, though, without any practical application or real-world testing, they don’t really mean anything or help the world in some meaningful way. Nothing wrong with people that think about things simply for the process of thinking; we’ve simply never been much for purely academic exercise here at Risqué Business.

Andie Valentino “Meets” Kimberly Franklin

All of that explained, we should be clear that as far as anyone here can remember, none of us has ever met Andie Valentino. We can tell you that she filmed this gonzo scene not quite three months after she turned 19 years of age, and it appears she flew all the way across the country to do so. (She actually put the correct birthday but listed her age as “18” on the paperwork, so she must not have been quite used to the venerable 19 yet.) Andie would become a Penthouse Pet roughly a month after this shoot, and she would spend a decent amount of time over the next 3-4 years doing lesbian, bondage, and solo scenes on camera. That pretty much sums up what we can verify independently. We have no idea why Andie chose this profession.

Jeanna Fine once told me that she got into the business to have sex with beautiful women. Could be some simple reason like this for Andie. Without even knowing much about the adult business, though, most of us can draw some fairly basic conclusions. Nobody jumps into this wildly sexual arena at the age of 18 without having found a significant amount of physical and emotional satisfaction with sex before. A very common question from fans has always been about “why” the women in this industry have chosen the vocation. It always seems like for some reason these fans “need” the performers to be drawn by the raw biology of the act. Maybe that bolsters the fantasy that they “could” actually end up bed with the star in question. I have no idea, but I always give the same answer: “Sorry. They like the sex, sure, but that’s not what draws them to the industry for the most part. Let’s be honest: Women that look like [insert name here] could basically get laid any time they want to simply by visiting any bar anywhere in the world. A few do it for the (legal) money, but mostly they do this for the attention.”

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