Anais — A Matter of “Choice”

Somebody’s Daughter

The calendar reads “Fathers’ Day” as I write this, and it gives me “Pa’s” to reflect. (Even on quiet Sunday mornings, approaching rather more serious issues than would be our “usual,” one must always take time out for a proper pun when the opportunity presents itself.) Despite the regular trials and tribulations of everyday life, there are moments when the issue of Family rears its head, forcing us to consider our place in the cosmos. I find this most generally occurs with me on mornings after I have consumed too many “fruity-sorbet vodka” drinks at a barbeque the day before, but that may just be coincidence.

What caught my attention this morning, after an engrossing need to find Excedrin, actually, was my own father’s traditional valediction marking the end of each of our phone calls over the past dozen years or so. “Talk to you later,” he says. “We love you. Take care of yourself. Get a different job.”

That’s my dad. I love him too.

Anais for RisqueRoutinely, I sat down at my keyboard, intending to draw up conditions for a proposed exclusive contract for Anais. Then I was to go about coding the next set of pictures the office prepared for our members, these oddly enough from a scene in My First Porno, a movie starring two additional Risqué clients at the time, Inari Vachs and Kristal Summers. I had some bookkeeping that I needed to get through, a couple of scripts to read to see if any of my girls might fit into them. And my office at home has been crying for a cleaning so long that its throat is hoarse. Then, I started thinking, and (just so you know) that’s never really a good thing.

When I start to think it generally means that while I may in fact get something accomplished in a day, it almost certainly will not be what I was supposed to get done. This has actually been the number one reason I’ve always chosen self-employment ever since I can remember. I usually know when I screw up, and I usually know when I should fire me. However, I usually decide I’m a decent fellow down deep, and then I decide to give myself another chance. People tell me it does not always happen this way in the world of the more traditionally employed.

Even More Risque:  Closeting Shayla LaVeaux

But I digress. (I have to forgive myself a lot for that too.)

I started with Anais, a very beautiful, albeit atypically young, Risqué client. As you might imagine when you see the pictures below, she has been getting a lot of attention from a lot of important people since she has decided to enter the field of XXX. During one of the talks I was having with a long-established company owner, I handed back an “offer sheet” he had proposed, and asked what I thought was a simple question.

“Anais is only a couple of years older than your daughter,” I noticed aloud. “Would you want me to advise her to sign this contract if she were my client?”

The company owner’s face turned a shade of gray/green that I have never seen before.

Anais in the Risque Abstract

Anais for RisqueThen last week, I called an executive I’ve worked with over the years at Playboy TV and asked if he was interested in having Anais come in so we could sit down and talk about a potential place for her with “The Bunny.” When this executive asked me about her level of comfort with nudity, I responded with the information that she had just completed her first hard core shoot. He guffawed, “Ah! The Lucky factor.”


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