The Gift of Beauty

[We decided to do something decidedly non-taxinig today, and thus we move into a consideration of two of the most beautiful women that … well, basically walked the earth, but for these purposes, we should probably just consider the adult industry. Some day, when we’re all enlightened, no one will ever again say, “She’s stunningly beautiful. What’s she doing in this business?”]

Looks Count

Chasey Lain — a risque gift of beautyby Nobody Special

Cute. Pretty. Beautiful. Exotic. Sexy.

As a rule we try to avoid complicated and nebulous topics, but what with this being a special occasion and all, it seemed like we should at least broach the subject of feminine beauty in XXX entertainment, even though Anais doesn’t happen to be wearing any jewelry at all in this particular post. Chasey has a necklace on in her bonus picture, but you’ll probably have to concentrate in order to be able to notice it. Never sweat the details when dealing with porn women. That’s a good rule to remember.

So to our task …

Civilization would have died out thousands of years ago were not opinions of attractiveness one of the most personal and variable of the human condition. That said, there seem to be some women that almost everyone seems to consider exceptionally comely, and ever since Ginger Lynn hit the scene back in the 80’s a few of those women have ended up on the adult side of the movie business. Without getting into the who is more stunning than whom morass, let’s just say that Chasey Lain in her day, and Anais in hers, seemed to pretty much have held that respective position in most people’s minds. If either would win the “Most Beautiful Woman Ever In Porn” title, raises an issue we can thankfully ignore today.

For now, let’s just go with the Beautiful Girls have Different Lives than the rest of us theory. I’m assuming we’re not going to get much argument with that general principle.

Even More Risque:  Maverick Appeal

risque historyA couple of years into her XXX career, Chasey Lain (with no small amount of influence exercised by her then boyfriend) had decided that Wicked Pictures was an unfit place for someone of her stature to represent, so I found myself in the offices of Vivid’s owner, Steve Hirsch. At the time certainly paying a lot more that Wicked’s Steve could afford to, we were talking about bringing Chasey over to play in the Vivid stable when next her contract expired. Since owners rarely have any interaction with the actual women that they pay to get naked for them, I remember Mr. Hirsh asking me simply, “What’s Chasey like?”

I responded with (perhaps) deceptive simplicity, “She’s young, and beautiful, and she’s never had to be anything else.”


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