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As a rule, you would think that in order to even be interested in a career in the adult movie industry, you probably think a good bit outside the conservative political box. You would think that a pervasive open-mindedness characterizes the populace of our little society. You would think that as a group we would be vastly more accepting of personal differences than any typical cross-section of society — particularly when it comes to differences that did not come about by choice.

Yeah, well, you would learn fairly quickly that it never pays to think when it comes to this business. We know that we’re just regular — albeit not shy — people, with the same wants, needs, hopes, and character deficiencies as everyone else, but sometimes evidence of that can just reach right up and smack you upside the head when you’re not looking.

One of the truly great things about the new has to be that you can go there and download every one of her “Blame It On Ginger” radio shows — for free. True, you may feel slightly taken aback when you find yourself on a treadmill and discover that you’re listening to a comparison of fun things to put in your butt, but you get used to it. As with most radio shows, a lot depends on the guests, and being very famous has its privileges, because Ginger gets some great guests. They squeeze a lot of boobs on this show, but they also talk about some very interesting things.

Dee with Puerto Rico FlagDee with Puerto Rico FlagDee with Puerto Rico FlagDee with Puerto Rico FlagDee with Puerto Rico Flag

Now these photos have nothing whatsoever to do with Ginger or her radio show, but any time you can take a break with Dee, we consider it time well spent. Also, we’ll get back to them in a bit.

In Blame It On Ginger #23 (at around 50 minutes or so, if you’re pressed for time) you can find Ginger explaining her decision to make a comeback into the XXX industry. Being, well, Ginger, she basically insisted on being involved (or in charge) of everything when it came to her comeback movies for VCA, and she actually wrote the script for her return to XXX, Torn. She had written the lead role for Sean Michaels, and had even gone so far as to call him and get him all excited about it when she found out that (according to VCA) “the distributors would not allow” her to have multiple scenes with a — let’s go with non-white — partner. Consequently she had to recast the role, and poor Sean ended up getting only one chance, and one acting scene, with (also poor) Ginger.

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