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Dee Makes Even KSEX Better

by D.Minion

risque dee on ksexQuasarman’s co-host Gauge couldn’t make it to their radio show, so he asked if Dee could fill in. Dee jumped at the chance – and jumped into my car because her new truck was on the fritz. Again. Of course I never mind driving Dee anywhere! We stopped at a nearby convenience store for snacks, and then headed to the KSEX studio where we met host Quasarman, and guests Adult Star Kiki Daire, and publicist/columnist Carly Milne. As they were catching up with each other, Quasarman decided they should save their stories for the air a la Regis and Kelly. OK, but that made for a rather quiet Green Room. Luckily, the show was about to begin! [And they at least had snacks, don’t forget.]

I stood quietly in the back of the studio and Quasarman and Dee discussed old times. Quasarman is a producer/director, and is one of Dee’s favorite people to work with! He shot one of Dee’s first films in the Adult Industry. Ex-Hubby Rob played a plumber. Dee was surprised he didn’t play a pizza boy. [Silly, DM. Plumbers are better for laying pipe, naturally.]

Dee told Quasarman that her favorite movies were Essentially Dee, and one where she gave Joel Lawrence “the hand job of a lifetime.” (No one, including Ms. Dee knew the name of this one. Anyone?) [Call us crazy, but we figure pretty much any hand job Dee gives would qualify here.]

She told Quasarman that she’d just moved into a new apartment and was enjoying being single for the first time in her adult life. She especially likes sleeping naked – all alone – in a big fluffy bed! (Quasarman was more than a little tongue-tied by this revelation!) Carly used to be a reviewer at AVN, has seen a vast amount of Dee’s movies, and is impressed with her work! Besides being beautiful and sexy, she’s a great actress! (Of course, I already knew that!) [Presumably D.Minion means Dee here, but maybe Carly’s a good actress too. When you write press releases for some of the movies like Carly used to at Pure Play, you’d have to get pretty good at that “straight face” test. And that’s not easy. They don’t ALL have Dee in them naked, after all.]

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risque dee on ksexWhen Kiki told Quasarman that she had triple D’s, he said that he’d like triple “Dee’s.” (Hee, hee, hee! But I’m pretty sure that would kill him. It would kill me!) [Maybe, but you’d die very happy.]

After the break, Dee decided she wanted to get naked. She took off her top, ran around to the back of the desk, and began attacking Quasarman. He immediately pulled away, screaming things like, “Get away! Married man! Mortgage payment! Alimony!” Dee reluctantly stopped attacking him, and sadly (for both) sat back down on the couch. But not for long! She teased him a bit – pulling down her pants so he could see her luscious butt! [OK. Maybe Dee’s got just a bit of Evil in her too.]

Quasarman decided to have a porn star spelling bee. If the girl gets a word wrong she has to remove an article of clothes. Dee decided to get topless right away. Why bother with a contest? Kiki told Quasarman that she’s an excellent speller! And proved it by spelling EVERY word correctly!

Of course Kiki’s a porn star, and enjoys being naked, so she took off her top so that Quasarman could see her beautiful triple D’s. Then she attacked him. Screams of, “Mortgage! Alimony! Married!” scared her away.

Kiki pulled her pants down, saying, “JLo’s got nothing on me!” Dee got to see/feel it up close and personal and agreed!

risque dee on ksexrisque dee on ksex

The show was winding down and called for plugs. “If I had a plug I’d ask Kiki to shove it in her rectum,” Quasarman joked. “I have one in my car and could run and get it,” Kiki responded. (I love porn girls!)

Dee plugged her web site. Go Dee!

risque dee on ksexThe guests visited a bit as they signed releases in the Green Room. I went to find a bathroom. It was, uh, interesting. There was a sign saying that it was a co-ed bathroom, and if I was uncomfortable with it there were other bathrooms, but I’d have to get a key. Right. I just locked the outside door so NO ONE could get in. (It was only locked for 30 seconds!) Of course then I had to decide if I was a Pimp or a Ho. … [Sometimes it’s complicated being D.Minion.]

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We said good bye to everyone, and headed down to my car. It had been lots of fun. I’m thinking we probably have more KSEX in our future. Maybe then I’ll figure out which stall to go in. … [In a decidedly less complicated turn of events, we decided to replay one of Dee’s very early Cam Shows again today. We’re doing it just to show off that Dee truly does seem to enjoy being naked. Only for that reason, though. Really. Swear.]

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