Hammock Dee Lights (Upon)

Hammock DeeSay Cheese Pleas

by Camp Walter

Just to be clear, we spelled that third word in the title exactly the way we needed to in this case. Any sports fan can tell you that a “plea” [or ten] constitutes a major part of the enjoyment of the game. To paraphrase the conclusion of a very famous sports poem, however:

But there is no joy for Cheeseheads,
Aaron Rodgers has gone out.

Consequently we have a friend in despair, and thus it falls upon us to brighten his mood. If you have been following risqué for any length of time, you have probably heard of Uncle Gibby, and you could easily know that we generally associate him with a few things:

  1. Beer.
  2. Porn Stars in general.
  3. Anais, in particular, and
  4. Being as big as a mountain.

Now as we mentioned in New Stuff, we simply cannot have our mountain suffer early erosion if we can help at all, so we’re going to give numbers one through three a shot here. As many a good evening has in the past, we have chosen to begin with beer. [For the record, starting with beer and moving on to porn stars may not turn out exactly the way you envision.]

A large former basketball coach, and Green Bay Packer fan was standing at the bar in a Milwaukee Pub when this small Asian guy walked in, stood next to him, and started drinking a beer.

The coach asked him, “Do you know any of those martial arts things, like Kung-Fu, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, or anything?”

Looking offended, the visitor responded indignantly, “No. And why the fuck would you ask me that? Just because of the way I look?”

“No,” the coach said calmly, standing up from his stool and towering over the man. “It’s because you’re drinking my beer, you little prick.”

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