Withholding Loads

Judging a Book by Its Bluster

by Manning Up

Potentially DEEstructive CertainlyApparently Nick Manning even has a skill withholding loads. Who would have thought that the man who made “Droppin’ F**kin’ Loads!” during orgasm a famous exclamation would have a sensitive side? [Well, he tries not to hit them in the eye. Does that count?]

Of course we cannot be certain that such sensitive moods were actually responsible for the photo exposé today, but we can be certain that Nick Manning took these himself. We can also be certain that on this day at least he demonstrates a flair for nuance in pure luminance. [Um. That means “in black and white” to all us normal folks.]

We can also believe — and can broach no reasonable argument on the subject, as a matter of fact — that Dee happens to be one of the sexiest women ever to grace adult, and the color mode chosen to display her makes no difference whatsoever. [Hmm. Tongue-tied Geeks tend to ramble. Have you noticed?]

Not that we need much “record” here considering the subject matter, but according to Those That Know, Nick actually took these shots on the deck outside his own bedroom during a break in shooting one day. For awhile there he was putting out his own line, and they apparently shot hard core stills sequences as part of that effort as well. We recently ran across a bunch of — let’s go with forgotten — “Dee Stuff” which we find ourselves now happily adding to the “Potential Content” queue. And you want to talk about a long and wonderful list … ?

Just in case you have not decided whether or not to spend your precious time looking at more photos from this shoot, we have added a few photos here. Dee does just have luminance values in this set, but she certainly has but few luminaries of her status we would venture to say.

Even More Risque:  Porn Contracts

[Not that we need to explain much on this “record” either, but happening upon a whole bunch of new Dee content makes for quite a happy day at the office. DM declared it “even better than sprinkles” which gives you some indication of how happy she was. … By the way, this little row of pictures does not technically appear in the March 30, 2012 post on the Members’ side. All of these pictures do in fact show up there, but they happen to be mixed in with a whole bunch of others less appropriate for parts of the web where just anyone might run across them. We have weird standards; we know.]

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