Pooling Heather Vandeven Resources

en Medias Resting

by Just Another Day in Paradise

Adult Star Dee[We have a “real” web site, run by “real” people — despite a distinct tendency towards Geekiness. Consequently, we have on occasion run into more “Super-Geeky” technical difficulties with certain modules on the site. In these cases we bring in some of those Serious Geeks that generally say something to us like, “How is it even possible that you even have a Message Board that has been operating for over 10 straight years (at the time) with nearly 3,000 topics and over 28,000 posts?” … To which we invariably reply with something to the effect of, “Yeah, well, people like to talk to the women, and we try to keep them happy.” … As a matter of fact, we even agreed to run this rememberance of a less that stellar couple of weeks in our histry simply becase Dee said it makes her smile. Running this photo of Dee to the side here makes us smile, so everybody wins! Don’t you just love that?]

Many of you seem to have noticed the sudden demise of the Message Board over the last week (which, of course, just serves as a nice way of saying it doesn’t work anymore). Depending on when you discovered this rather irritating side effect of "upgrading" our management system on the server, you may have seen a larger version of this photograph when you tried to pull up the Board.

No Louvre Lost

Now I was going to give you a quick explanation of the technical reasons behind this irritation, but in just trying to explain it to D.Minion I noticed a set of fairly web-experienced eyes glazing over. Then she got off on a completely unexpected tangent, which, if you want to know the truth, happens to be a real strong suit of hers.

"Hey!" says she, "I’ve never seen that picture before. Is that all Photoshop? I thought I’d seen all of our pictures of Dee. Whose toes are those? Where are those building? Why have I never seen this picture in our archives? Is it one picture? Why haven’t you shown me this before? …Wow. Nice font. It looks like a cartoon."

And that pretty much sums up a typical conversation with our Dear D.Minion, actually.

Even More Risque:  Ninn One, Pearls Two

So rather than bore you with technical details, I’ll tell you the story of the picture. …

I was in Paris with Devinn Lane, Dee, and Inari Vachs, and we were walking toward the Louvre. Dee and Inari were running ahead like happy school girls, while Devinn and I trailed behind. Devinn noticed that there was a wall (slash) bench coming up, and if she laid down just right it would be a great picture with the most famous view of the Louvre in the background. About that time, Dee turned around and noticed Devinn reclined in the sun, and decided she wanted to join in the fun. She came running back towards us, with Inari quickly trailing, but they had already gone down a stairway you can’t see to the right of this shot. When Dee got close to the us, she realized that we were about seven feet above her level, so she couldn’t jump up. Inari bent down to lift her, but Dee could still barely get her head above the wall. As Dee realized this, she made this face, and I took a picture. Because that’s what I do.

Talk the Talk