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“Piloting” X360 — part one

Pilot “X360”

by D.Minion


It’s a good thing I love my job! Because getting up at 3:00 am, and getting on the road at 4:30 am (after feeding and medicating my three geriatric dogs), is tough. Not as tough as Lucky’s job, though. He actually had to drive to LA from the Central Coast. I fell asleep before we hit the freeway, and woke up just in time for breakfast at our favorite deli! [Actually I’m pretty sure D.Minion was asleep before the sound of the door closing on the car stopped completely, and she always wakes up for food. Don’t be overly impressed by that.]

risque imageThen it was off to the studio – which was all of two miles from where I used to live. If I still lived in the Valley, I could have walked there! [Of course if she still lived in the Valley she’d be like everyone else in Los Angeles and refuse to walk anywhere. It’s a lifestyle.] Interestingly, the studio is one of several owned by porn stud Sascha. It’s always good to have something to fall back on if the porn biz crashes. [Personally I plan on falling back on Cytherea, even without anticipating a “crash” of any sort. She just seems like a nice place to land, all things considered.] (Oh yeah. It’s already crashed.) Besides being available for filming, the studio hosts parties quite a few nights a week. And from the looks of things, the parties look as bacchanal as porn movies! [Wow, “bacchanal” even sounds decadent, doesn’t it?]

Lucky found a comfy spot and began reading his book. [When it doubt, go with your strengths I always say.] He was there as a consultant and was ready to consult! Since I was there as BTS photographer, I grabbed my digital and began snapping pictures! I especially liked Rayveness’ gum ball machine, the clear plastic stripper pole stage, and the huge jug of vegetable oil. Party, party, party! [ … Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rayveness, a stripper pole and vegetable oil sounds like a party even without gum.]

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risque image risque image risque image

But we weren’t there to cover the party scene in LA. We were there to cover three (straight) TV pilots with a porno twist. [Have you seen any popular television lately? Apparently all of America has a porno twist these days.] These were:  a News Show about the Adult community, a Porn Movie Review Show, and a Novelty Review Show. These will be shopped to cable channels such as Cinemax, HBO, and Oxygen. [Adds a whole new dimension to “coming next week” doesn’t it?]

risque imageFormer Ninn Worx Contract Girl and Penthouse Pet Heather Vuur (now Vandeven), former Adult star and AVN newswoman Michelle Maylene, and comedian Adam were to share the hosting duties. [As you might imagine, the sex toy segment turned out to be my favorite. Get a couple of adult stars sitting on a couch talking about vibrators in front of a regular “mainstream” male, and you’ve got the makings of an hysterical half hour. I kept telling them not to turn the background as purple as they did so we could all see him blush more clearly. … And DM says I have a diabolical sense of humor. Pshaw!]

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