X360 Pilot - part two

“Piloting” X360 — part two

Pilot “X360”

by D.Minion

risque imagePART TWO

Somehow, Nicki finds time to moonlight as a makeup artist on porn sets. (Like she was doing this day.) And she looks after her two horses. One is a Saddlebred Quarter Horse who is a barrel jumper. The other is a rescue – a cancer survivor who is still battling the disease. (Nicki said, “Some people rescue dogs. I rescue horses!”) [Hmm. I think maybe I should rescue people that rescue horses, come to think of it. We can go look for dogs together. It’ll be pleasant.] Some of you might know that Ms. Hunter has an affinity for her special-needs horse since Nicki was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. (Since I’m a cancer survivor as well, we had a nice talk about doctors, hospitals, blood tests, etc.) Suffice it to say, Nicki is doing quite well! She’s feeling healthy, and of course, she looks awesome! [I’ll just say this about that: Hope you never have to go through it.] risque imageHeather Vandeven (She’ll always be “Vuur” to me!) arrived soon after Nicki, looking gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on. [Yeah, we know you don’t “stitch” makeup, but you know what she means. We’ve tried to explain the whole “why women love makeup” concept to D.Minion many times over the years, but the conversation always seems to end with something to the effect of, “But doesn’t that take a lot of time away from your dog-walking opportunities?” … You learn to live with it.] I’d hate her, but she’s too nice! I hadn’t seen her for a while, so while she sat in the makeup chair we caught up. [My guess: First they talked about dogs – or as D.Minion refers to them, “small fuzzy people.” … We keep telling you: It can be pretty weird around here.] risque imageHeather had just gotten back from China where she was helping to merchandise Baci lingerie. You may not know this, but Heather originally moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Work as a lingerie model helped her get the experience to move behind the camera so she could fulfill her dream! [It often works that way, although you’ll rarely see a photographer that hopes someday to be a model. As it turns out, most of us lack the physical gifts required to show off clothing, or a lack thereof, and we rather enjoy donuts for breakfast. Heather serves as an example of the exception to the rule, as she does seem to eat donuts a lot. Were she not bright, witty, and amazingly well-rounded in her education, we probably wouldn’t like her at all.] As a child Heather would not only design clothes for her Barbies, she’d design entire homes and neighborhoods. When she was done (several hours later), she’d be too tired to actually “play” with her dolls – except to have them hump each other. Heather said this was a “precursor to (her) life.”
Even More Risque:  Par for Brittany Andrews
Although she speaks very little Chinese, Heather had no problem making herself understood in China. [Yeah, I’ll bet.] Hong Kong, especially, is very westernized. “It’s like a “little New York”. (Except it’s very clean and the trains are great!) Squatting toilets weren’t a problem, “as long as you can squat!” (Bleh!) [I don’t know that I’ve heard that expression before, but it seems fairly self-explanatory. If nothing else it demonstrates one of the few times in life where being male can be a benefit.]

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