Heather Vuur

Heather Vuur

Oh, Vuur the Top Again

by D.Minion

HeatherThis is the third time that I’ve been fortunate enough to watch a photo shoot for a new Ninn Worx Contract Girl. Previously it was Georgia Adair, and then Anais. This time it was Heather Vuur. Luckily, spending the day with beautiful women never gets old! [ … although many of us seem to be getting that way. What’s up with that?]

I’d spent the night in the Valley with my buddy Dee and her guy Brandon, and since Brandon was doing Behind The Scenes video, we rode to photographer Laurent Sky’s studio together. [“… imagine me and you and you and me … so happy togetheeeeeeeeer …” (You should take your fun where you can find it.) We often have to find it for ourselves, because some people won’t talk to us when we make comments like that. These are confusing people.]

Laurent is arguably the best photographer in the business [Well, there’s not much argument really, at least when it comes to studio photography.], and it felt like home to be back in his studio again. Heather arrived and I introduced her to makeup artist Red Velvet. They bonded immediately and Red began turning Heather into “The Girl Next Door.” [Although having lived in many, many places we’re not that sure “next door” to what it seems. I’d have peeked over the fence a lot more often had Heather been on the other side. …]

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Michael Ninn had envisioned light makeup, jeans, a casual white shirt, and no shoes for the first set-up. No shoes? On a Ninn set? Ninn women ALWAYS wear shoes! But Michael’s the artist, and he knew exactly what he wanted. (I especially liked the torn jeans. Heather laughed, “That rat that lives in my dresser drawer is at it again! He loves to chew holes in my clothes!”) [Uh-Huh. … Smart rat.]

Even More Risque:  High "Aspirations" (As it Were)

risque heatherAs she ate a healthy lunch, Heather told me that in the month or so since filming Sacred Sin she had been working for Penthouse. (She was Pet of The Month, January 2006.) She’d also taken a two-week motorcycle trip to Portland. [Heather eventually became Pet of the Year, a feat heretofore not achieved by an adult star. You may not know that Heather actually lived a good part of the year in Washington state. Now we don’t know for sure if the air or the water in that fine area had anything to do with Heather’s success, but it does seem fairly easy to tell that it might have something to do with her “jeans” – as it were. (Yes, that would be one of those comments that occasionally discourage conversation.)]


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