A Sigh and a Thigh High Cy

Cy-ing in Code

by We B. Quirky

CythereaA thigh high cy we say? That seems odd, even for us, and we set the “normal” bar so low you generally need a backhoe to find it.

As most of you know, the Geeks here have been busying themselves with really boring stuff like writing standards compliant web code and properly separating layout and presentation with XHTML and CSS for Cytherea’s new web site. As most of you can figure out, how somebody can find this sort of thing interesting baffles the mind.

Of course this process necessarily involves close work with Cytherea herself, and it means that she’s been in the process of bringing us old, and shooting new, footage for the past couple months. The more “visually creative” side of our operation has thus been forced to deal with all of this data, and as most of you can figure out, this process has been a heck of a lot more fun than spending hours looking for an errant semi-colon in the written gibberish that actually makes a web browser display a page. We can even demonstrate, being the much more fun visual department types and all:

[The post on the Members’ Side included some rather fun actual photographs here, which honestly could have helped the presentation here. Sadly for Free Side purposes, Cytherea doesn’t really like wearing clothing all that much. It’s a burden. We know.]

That’s how a sample of the pictures from this set looks to the sane people in this world, those that understand what makes this job enjoyable, in other words. Looks darned pretty, doesn’t she? Now to a Geek, that presentation looks like this:

Code Pic

And then you make it display the way it does with this fascinating bit of … let’s go with language:

More code

Call the rest of us crazy, but we think the little pictures happen to be A LOT more interesting than whatever the Geeks do. Of course Cytherea has lots of video too, and she keeps shooting more and more (as any of you that have started to read her Message Board can attest). Basically she spends a lot of time chasing girls. And that we understand completely. We would show you the code for the video, but you just think that first part was boring. You should see a codec at work. Honestly we’re too polite to subject you to it, but if you happen to be a geek in training, just view the (generated) source on this page, and knock yourself out looking for those semi-colons.

Even More Risque:  A Risque Thanksgiving

Now you get it, right? …

A Sigh and a Thigh High Cy

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