London Keyes

London Keyes

Sister from Another Mister

by Spooky Sapience

London KeyesHalloween might be the most unique of all holidays, and yet according to some we do not give it due reverence here on risqué. If you think about, Halloween does have a bit of a uniqueness about it, actually. As a kid you love it because you get to play dress-up; you get to stay up late, and you get free candy. Then you get a bit older, and you just sort of do it for the candy. [True. We’ve all seen teenagers in jeans and sweatshirts going door to door mooching with all the cute little toddlers.] At some point, though, you realize that adult dress-up can be a heck of a lot of fun too, and it leads to a whole different type of sweetness if done properly. Of course most of us remain too shy to try a lot of wildly different sexual experiments, but at Halloween we can pretend it doesn’t bother us because we’re supposed to dress up and be someone different. [Woo-HOO! … That said, Dee was basically naked in this clip so we had to excise it from this free side display. There are benefits to membership, did we mention?] The topic sort of arose on Dee’s Message Board a couple days ago, but the whole “costume” thing came up at one Members’ Party a long time ago — when Dee came to the conclusion that having Bernie paint her nude body with latex paint would be an excellent idea! While we see no need to go over that same story again, we did tell Dee that we’d see what we could do with very, very old video footage placed into this new design. Honestly working with Dee’s naked body turns out to be not that much of a chore, really. [You can find that story if you search of “Dee AND Latex” — and remember to uncheck “Search Exact Phrase” — from the top of any new page of the site. Obviously we could have done the search for you, but then you might not have learned that so far we have mentioned Dee AND Latex in the same story 13 times. Hmm. Who knew? … Of course we should also mention that if you DO use the search to find that story from 2003, you will soon discover it to be in a very dated layout format. At this point we should mention that if you are not on a tablet device, you will probably want to shrink your browser window on your desktop, because trying to read those old stories all the way across a modern “wide” monitor can be a real pain. … Sadly, we cannot give you this advice, because we promised D.Minion we would stop being too technical in our commentary. … Whew. Glad we avoided doing that. … ]

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