Getting Intimate Exposures

Intimate Exposures 4 — SCENE 1

by D.Minion


On Good Friday, 2012 we were on set covering Director Chris King’s Adam and Eve epic, Intimate Encounters 3. So it was déjà vu all over again when on Good Friday, 2013, Chris King invited us to be his guests on set while he directed Intimate Encounters 4 for Adam and Eve. [It could be that, as a rule, adult industry executives do not associate proper reverence with purely religious holidays. That said, since by popular account Adam and Eve got us all into this mess in the first place back in the Garden of Eden, perhaps the Adam & Eve company shooting on Easter weekend makes perfect sense.]

risque imageThis time we were at Dry Gulch Ranch, in the mountains overlooking Malibu. The weather was a bit chilly, but beautiful, and I was looking forward to meeting some gorgeous porn stars! [Ah. Well that clears that up. When first looking at the (multiple variations, helpfully edited out, of the) photo we were not exactly sure whether those were clouds or smoke from a local fire. Having been at Dry Gulch during both events, we can assure you that clouds are nicer.]

risque imageTwenty-year old Madison Chandler (who looks like Sunny Lane’s younger (although over 18-year old) sister, was perched in the makeup chair outside– warming her toes with an electric heater. (Have I mentioned that Adult actresses have zero body fat?) She was lustfully anticipating her scene with the hunky Danny Mountain, and as long as she was waiting anyway, was happy to talk with me and tell me about her life. [Well, Madison does still have what appears be baby fat on her youthful frame, but for our part we found it charming, as was she. For the record, though, if you see Sunny Lane at a convention — say like AEE last month or anything — you might not want to pop up and happily announce, “Hey! We found a younger version of YOU!” … Not that anyone would do that, of course, but you probably wouldn’t want to, just so you know.]

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The first thing I noticed – after her beautiful face and figure – was her charming Southern accent. Madison was born, raised, and still lives in North Carolina. She loves her Carolina home on two acres, complete with horses, dogs and chickens. Every few months Madison comes to California to work – staying at a Model House with lots of other porn actresses. ”It’s like one big happy family!” Madison gushed. [Sure it is. Anyone ever see The Osbournes on TV?]

Ms. Chandler has been in the biz for two years. She went to modeling and acting school, but became impatient waiting to be “discovered,” so when she had the opportunity to do porn she took it, and adores every minute of her vocation! [Hey, if she went to school for the “how to handle really big dicks when you’re a teeny-tiny person” part of the job, she probably aced the exam.]

risque imageMadison freely admits that during her “virgin” year of porn, she got in with a bad crowd. Her “friends” used her, and when she figured that out, Madison dropped them and found companions who really cared about her, not her fame or her money. [We ran this photo right after the shoot — since we generally try to wait until the movie gets released to run the full stories — but taken in this new context, maybe it explains a lot. Madison never did exactly explain how she convinced her friends to “move along” with their lives.]


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