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Risque Luck on Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th seemed like a good day for a chap named “Lucky” to come clean for a moment. So we’re going to spend some time on a difficult subject for any of us that have been fired from a job in our lives. If you don’t understand this concept, consider yourself fortunate (“Lucky” being already taken around here), and just realize that these days are probably not the fondest you’ll recall whenever you take out a little time for retrospect.

It happened on the last Michael Ninn shoot, and I’m really trying to feel bad about it. Really. Swear.

You see, D.Minion had a bunch of work to do capturing video to the edit machines for Michael, so I said I’d cover the first couple of days of the shoot. The Ninn Worx team was shooting a movie starring Phoenix Ray called (at least for the moment) Phoenix Rising, and they were to begin the actual shooting of Michael’s big Film for the year called Catherine — show you may recall hearing about. Now I began with the best of intentions, and I took pictures. See?

risque luck imagerisque luck image risque luck image

I even took notes. I can clearly read “5/2/05 – 11:40 a.m. – 1st solo – Phoenix Ray – Platinum Wig – Living Room” in my handy-dandy notebook. And then (allegedly) the trouble started. You see the owner of the house — well, technically the girlfriend of the owner of the house — happened to be “watching” the place for the day, just to be sure nobody did anything stupid, or to be around if Michael needed a waterfall, or the fire pit, or something else turned on. Michael shoots at multi-million dollar locations, and this is really a common practice, to have somebody representing the owner around.

The not common part here, though, was that usually the woman in charge for the day isn’t beautiful, well-read, and a classically-trained chef, with a body that the porn stars on set were jealous of, by the way. Oh, and it also isn’t common for the woman in charge not to be fully aware of what a “hard core” shoot means in technical terms. She didn’t seem prudish in any way, but when I heard “They’re ACTUALLY going to DO IT?” come out of that really sensuous mouth, I felt it my divine duty to ensure that we didn’t end up with a pretty damsel in distress on our hands. Just call me a good guy.

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Said Damsel and I ended up in the back yard, seated in an outside kitchen that bests 99% of the inside kitchens I’ve ever seen. She made gourmet coffee, freshly ground of course, and that’s where I learned about the reading and the cooking and stuff. I also learned that even her toes were tanned and that she had designed a tattoo to put on herself in a location nice boys don’t talk about with strangers. It’s possible I may have temporarily forgotten about Phoenix Ray … maybe.

As lunch time approached, she gave me a tour of the parts of the house that were “off limits” for this particular shoot. The office is a fairly typical place to be excluded from the prying eyes of strangers, what with there generally being a lot of personal “items” about in the room, and it was in this case too. Oddly, however, the master bedroom was fine to use if Michael wanted to, although the bedding was completely removed before our arrival. This makes sense too. Then there was this one room that was almost as breath-taking as my temporary host. I’ve seen lots of really cool things on shoots, but when the door opened on a soundproof home theater with a $20,000 96″ projection system and about $100,000 worth of other “bells and whistles” in the room, I was pretty sure I’d just had my first true glimpse of heaven.


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