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We always try to do something a little special for Chasey Lain’s birthday, but this year we lost someone who had been a friend for even longer than Chasey. Ironically, nearly every time we spoke with Mark Stone — too few times in recent years, as often seems the case in times like this — he would ask about Chasey.

Mark was on those original Wicked sets with the brand new Ms. Lain, you see, and like anyone in that circle had spent many a conversation both admiring and worrying about the woman. Well, we lost Mark this week, and thus we revert to doing what we do. We celebrate.

Mark StoneMark StoneMark StoneMark StoneMark StoneMark StoneMark StoneMark Stone

These photos come from a trip to Paris shooting French Kiss for Wicked, but we took many, many trips across the globe with Mark over the years. We would likely have never shown these particular shots, because they do lack the preferred naked ladies, but you can see Dee and Inari a bit in the background of a couple, and wherever we went, Mark would explain the history to anyone who would listen. Actually, Mark would explain his views on wherever we were with whomever, always demonstrating his contagious excitement. You just had to like Mark, and after actually trying, we couldn’t come up with a single person who did not. How’s that for a legacy?

Mark also shot the vast majority of the scenes for Ashton View, including the Essentially Juli series for Playboy TV. In fact when we’d call to book him for another scene, I would invariably say, “Don’t worry, Mark. We have ice here.” … Watching Mark try to explain to a waiter in Budapest that he wanted a “giant” glass of ice for his coke and receiving one with three tiny ¼” cubes will always be a favorite memory. Mark didn’t speak Hungarian, but golly was he trying — a technique that primarily involved both slow and loud speech, as it turned out.

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In Our Thoughts

Mark Stone

Honestly, Mark would frustrate owners and producers with his talking (and his rate), but they would always hire him for his unmitigated joy. Mark loved his naked women, a characteristic that never left him no matter how many years went by. Mark truly found his place in the world with his music and his camera. Would that we could all be as complete one day. With all due apologies to the poet:

We would not feel so all alone.
Everybody must get “Stoned.”

We will miss you, my friend. And we will always remember you fondly.

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