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The Butt of the Bloke

Risque Photograph“Tails” of the Bloke Butt

by Nobody Special

Let’s face it: The vast majority of guys have “butt” issues of one form or another. A great many apparently become fixated on poking their dicks in the pretty ones, at least in the case of female recipients, but the whole conversation screeches to a rapid halt when it comes to their own willingness to play anally.

Men can hear all the arguments about the prostate and its unique ability to heighten the experience at orgasm anyone wants to throw at them, but (or butt) for whatever cultural reason, they just can’t get past the homophobic “aspects” of the nuts and/or bolts (as it were) parts of the activity.

Well, when we used a very “retro” approach to photography on a set with Shayla this past week, she decided that she wanted to do an entire post with this same throwback feel. Since a lot of this AEE show (at least from our perspective) had to do with Michael Ninn, his film featuring the lovely Ms. LaVeaux, Shayla’s Web, naturally came into the conversation. We decided to put both approaches together; because at the pace technology moves, that movie has already become retro in its appeal. Hey, we’re clever that way. Amazing, is it not? (Butt, of course. … OK. We’ll stop now. Probably.)

Aside from noticing all the grain that film (as compared to video or digital capture) puts into the image, you might at some point notice Shayla’s companion here, the exceptionally self actualized Mickey G. I can no longer remember the exact situation that brought the issue to bear (again, so to speak), but at some point directors became aware that Missy, Mickey G’s wife at the time, and also a porn star in her own right, liked to do her hubby in the butt with a strap on as a part of their sexual play. Mickey happens to be a registered nurse, so he probably has a body awareness superior to most of us, but for whatever reason, they decided to allow this personal conduct to become public by including it in a movie. … And the industry went all atwitter with boys taking it in the butt in “straight” porn.

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[This was way before the actual Twitter, remember, so it was quite the deal. Now that Twitter has become “X” and butt play shows up almost as much as the “we hate this thing” stuff, well, it gets too metaphysical to even think about. … We should get back to the story.]

Return of the Brave Butt

One day on a set Mickey took me aside and confided that he was really starting to worry. It seems that once people heard that this new position had become an option in their movies, the bored with their jobs producers all of the sudden wanted it in every show. I remember a great many of the male performers joking, “Great. Now I have to have an anal rate too.”

Although he did enjoy the butt play at home, Mickey was quickly learning that sex on camera does not even come close in many aspects to sex at home. They use a lot of lube in movies for a reason, you know. Every time someone hired Mickey now, they all wanted the strap on part, and he didn’t know what to do about it. Being a talent manager, the answer appeared obvious to me: Charge a lot for it. You don’t have to have majored in Economics to understand high demand and very low supply ends up at a high price.

Mickey immediately tripled his scene rate for those that included him receiving as well as giving, a handful of other male talent then decided they’d be willing to participate for that amount of money, and just like that fervor died down for those scenes. Eventually as budgets got tighter and the novelty wore off, straight porn companies basically stopped shooting them altogether. Isn’t it wonderful to see the Market Economy at work?

And sometimes I wonder why producers never liked me. Gee.

As for the photos, although we did use a very 70’s sort of cross-processing feel for the actual photo set, we did want to show people what more of the “straight” approach to the display might have been. At some point D.Minion will have her BTS shots of the event, and we promise to run those more in line with the following example. This little three-photo intro also gave us a chance to show off some of the more memorable contributions of our team as a happy by-product. You can see Maverick in a couple of the shots, and … well … you can figure out the rest.

Shayla LaVeaux with Bloke Butt BeveragesBy the way, cross processing has a very distinct tendency to exaggerate freckles on people, so if that offends you, you might want to skip that part today and just enjoy Shayla and Mickey G. … You unnaturally pure skin fans have thus been warned. We can’t claim to understand your position, but we do at least respect it. As for the picture at the side here, well, we captured it on the same trip, and since you might be considering a membership we thought it fit right in with the gestalt. Aside from being much more typical in its post-production approach, it also pretty much perfectly explains the slightly skewed — albeit in the most fun way possible, of course — view we have of the adult world. Hey, if you want generic self-stimulation fodder, you can get that all over the internet for free (so far). You cannot get it here, though, so we hope the words edify on a wholly different level of satisfaction.

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In the interests of full disclosure, by the way, we should be clear that we have no evidence to support that theory that the sexually brave Mickey G served in any way as the inspiration for the following chorus:

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine.
You’re so fine you blow my mind.
Hey Mickey! … Hey Mickey!

It makes for an interesting theory in this context, though, right? … There but for the Butt of the Bloke…

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