Julia Ann

Julia Ann’s 40th Birthday Party

40 is the New … 40!th Birthday Party

by D.Minion

Julia AnnThere are some things in this Industry that are no-brainers. [That’s true, and sometimes when I have to spend the day in various meetings around LA, it seems like I have to deal with most of them.] I was coming out of a particularly aggressive radiation session, and wasn’t feeling especially perky, but Julia Ann invited me to attend her 40th birthday party at (an unnamed) strip club in the City of Industry. [It won’t take you very long when looking at the invitations to this event to discover the actual name of the referenced club here, but DM has been known to hold a grudge or two in her life. She’s still mad at this mean boy down the street that made her trip in the street when she was four, as an example.]

I knew it would mean a long drive down, a long drive up, and a stay at a hotel. (I can’t imagine how dangerous I’d be on the road at 2:00 am.) Four words: Julia Ann invited ME. So of course I went. [Just so you know, trying to come up with an equation that can accurately describe the dangers inherent in letting D.Minion pilot a vehicle after midnight would almost certainly involve imaginary numbers and an advanced degree in mathematics. If you don’t happen to have one of those, just think Full Body Shiver.]

I thought it would be a good idea to have a buddy along for the ride, so I picked Lon up at Bob Hope Airport. He and Julia go way back, and Julia said she’d be very happy if he’d come to her party! [Since none of the official types here ever got a phone call from Lon asking if this might be a good idea, we can safely assume Lon was very happy too. He certainly didn’t learn everything he knows from us, but he has committed that “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” lesson to memory. Good for him.]

Even More Risque:  Super ChickaDee

Lon’s portable GPS machine is incredible. Upon landing, Lon decided he’d like deli fare for lunch. That was fine with me, but I’m more than a bit directionally-challenged. His GPS took us right to Jerry’s deli. Amazing! [Hopefully Lon will still have this device come January so we can navigate the way to our actual destination from the distant counties that offer the free parking we’ll undoubtedly insist upon.]

We checked into our hotel rooms, and I managed to nap before it was time for dinner, and then the show! A quick Mexican meal, and we were off to the club! We arrived right on time, but the parking lot was completely filled up. I hate valet parking. And being from Vegas, Lon has a complete aversion to it. Four words: Julia Ann invited US. We valet parked. [Ah-HA! … So now we know the secret: We need to have Julia with us at all times when we’re in Vegas. Got it.]


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