Julia Ann

Julia Ann’s 40th Birthday Party

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an invite-only club party where my name was ACTUALLY on the list. Amazingly, both Lon and I were there in black and white. They had to card us to make sure we were of age. Bless them! [Actually they’ve probably learned that if you card really old people it makes them unnaturally happy, and very happy people make for good customers in a strip club. On the other hand, the club did seem to be particularly happy to have Lon and D.Minion present, as the invitations clearly show here. … What? … ]

julia ticket front julia showing her tickets julia ticket back

I mentioned that the parking lot was completely full. Well all those cars had to have people in them, and those people totally packed the club. In addition, there were more than 60 dancers there to keep the customers occupied. We’re talking small space; lots of people. I finally found a seat so I could have a place to BE. Lon waited nearby so he could score a seat if someone exited a chair. [Think Snoopy stalking the Red Baron.]

Because it was a private party, the “No Alcohol with Nude Dancers” rule didn’t apply. Also, because it was a private party, the “You have to pay for your drinks” rule didn’t apply, either. Whoa! Nice! The “Tip your waitresses and bartenders” rule DID apply though, so we happily complied! [At the time I wondered why I never got a call telling me how things were going. Now I understand.]

I’ve never really seen food at a strip club. I’ve heard rumors of food, but I’ve never actually seen any. Kind of like Sasquatch. But waitresses continually passed through the club with little taquitos and dim sum-like snackies, all for free! Fun! [Yeah and they’re not jaded by being around beautiful scantily-clad young ladies all the time or anything. Presumably the 60 nude women pleased them also.]

I looked up from my chair and saw a cute little blonde hugging Lon. It was Shayla LaVeaux! (Lon and Shayla go way back, too!) It was wonderful seeing her again! Just about then a seat opened up next to me and Shayla jumped into it. Lon and Shayla’s friend found seats close by, and Shayla and I hunkered down to catch up! [Gee. Lon waits around for a chair for an hour, and just when Shayla shows up, one magically appears. Life really isn’t fair. That said, we know Shayla, so we are fine with that.]

Every once in a while we’d look up and a different dancer would be plonked onto Lon’s lap! She’d sit there a while and then go on. Finally Lon couldn’t take it anymore, and we watched a young lady lead our friend off to the champagne room! [In other words, they blinked, and Lon was gone. … I guess Lon doesn’t have the whole jaded thing down yet. I’m also guessing that he wouldn’t mind studying to pass that particular exam, though.]


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