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Risque PhotographAll Hail Sasha! — or Oh, Hail No!

by Just Plum Nome

If you’ve ever had a relationship with a co-worker that ended, you can empathize with the potential for discomfort such a situation presents. So if you happen to be, for example, a photographer on adult movie sets, and you happen to be dating, for example, a porn star, well, things can get really sticky, if you’ll pardon the expression.

To be quite honest the usual pattern in these situations follows a very predictable pattern.

  1. A woman falls in love with a man in the industry.
  2. The woman then decides only to have sex on camera with other women from now on.

Simple. Direct. And almost completely unavoidable. In fact, the only thing you know with absolute certainty when she says, “This decision has nothing at all to do with [insert name of current beau here],” is that this decision has everything to do with [insert name of same beau].

On very rare occasions over the years, however, I have actually met men secure enough to not end up interfering with the careers of the woman they supposedly love back. Now some of us seem much more able to understand that a vast difference exists between sex and love, but knowing that in your head and being able to deal with “others” asking you about it can be a whole different ball game. If your girlfriend makes porn movies having sex with other guys, you’d better be a very confident sort, or you’re in for one long uncomfortable ride. You can be sure of that.

Even in you do happen to be one of those rare males on the planet, you can find yourself in quite the unusual situation on occasion. On Erica’s Flying Pink Pig, part 1, the set photographer (Chris King) lobbied to get his new girlfriend on set as a replacement for one of the actresses that didn’t show up. As a rule producers try to avoid such situations, as you might imagine, but after trying a few other options, still with no luck, Erica decided that she’d go ahead and let Chris call Sasha in to work. Chris called Sasha with the good news. Sasha was happy. All was well with the world. (Don’t ever, ever, ever think that on a movie set, by the way. No good can come of it.)

Even More Risque:  The Sexual Evolution

Then the male actor supposed to work with the woman Sasha replaced called himself to cancel. (Hey, at least he called. They don’t do that much most of the time.) So Erica has to find a different guy to have sex with Sasha, real speedy quicko. She did. Finding guys to have sex with pretty girls turns out to be much easier than the other way around. Go figure.

Ah, but as it turned out the replacement guy just happened to be Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, the one she left to be with Chris. … Yeah. Oops. … Chris actually did quite well under the circumstances, as did Sasha. They male actor had no problem with the situation, of course, but then why would he after all? So next time you’re thinking that you could handle your wife/girlfriend being in the porn business and having sex with guys, you might think carefully about having to take these sorts of pictures for the production. [Well, not exactly these sorts, if you want to be technical about it. We do not show those sorts of pictures in free areas of our site. Never have. … And these days we suddenly look to have been way ahead of the curve. Before all these age verification laws starting popping up, we were just the butt of many industry jokes and friends scoffed at us if they bothered to acknowledge us at all. … So, neener-neener. … More to the topic of these pictures, they would be of Sasha Heart having a dandy ol’ conversation with the aforementioned producer, Erica McLean]

At the very least you may decide not to actually work on the sets where she’s performing. All in all, that’s a whole lot easier to handle for almost everyone.

Even More Risque:  Ela Darling (Indeed)

Oh, and if you’re curious about what happens when a porn star falls in love with someone not inside the adult industry, the predictable steps reduce to one:

  1. The woman lies to the new beau and keeps doing exactly what she’s been doing.

Ain’t Love Grand?

[As befits the custom on these “open to eyes of all ages” pages of Risqué, you cannot see the “more revealing” photo section at this point. Obviously you can JOIN should you so desire, and equally obviously we would welcome that, of course. Should that not be your plan for today, though, suffice it to say that the difficulties described above only get more difficult as the clothes start hitting the ground.]

By the way, Sasha Heart still has an active Facebook page going, where you may find more evidence of human love and striving to stay positive than you will be likely to find in many other places. You should drop by and say, “Howdy!” … And please give her our best. She’s at least a few generations past either of the men in this story, but she never fails to make us smile. Somehow, Sasha just makes you believe that everything will be all right.

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