Colorado Shayla “Deere”

Tractor Power

by John Dearest

Colorado Shayla LaVeauxShayla doesn’t play the Colorado Country Girl card very often, but lest we forget her roots, we do try and bring in a little native charm every once in awhile. Considering we have a more or less ongoing debate about whether “sexy” or “sexual” sells better in adult, these photos worked extremely well. [We do not in fact have an ongoing debate about this topic. If you want to be a “superstar” in the industry you must learn both aspects of your femininity, but you will find it much easier to make an impact quickly if you fit the “sexy” mold rather than a “sexual” one — odd as that may sound. If you think about it, sexual connotes much more of a physical act, that let’s be honest pretty much every woman knows how to accomplish, at least for camera. Despite the gynecological emphasis in some films, however, the eyes/looks of the woman will be a lot better barometer for her potential success when she’s new. … The reason we do not really have an ongoing debate about this point is simply that some of the newbies haven’t figured it out yet. They debate. We already know.]

Colorado ShaylaColorado ShaylaColorado ShaylaColorado ShaylaColorado Shayla

Of course we don’t really plan on deciding anything today, because we can’t go giving all the answers to every member. What would you do tomorrow, after all?

But since with did have some “forest” video from a Fan Sexxx installment that Shayla just gave us in Las Vegas, we thought of these photos in the queue. Rocks. Trees. Nature. … At least it’s more of a theme than we sometimes do. Also, some of us feel that if you look at an allegedly “sexy” photo and get a hard on, it by definition makes it a “sexual” photo, the latter term not having anything to do with the intent or actions of the model depicted. [See? Told you they were wrong. Following that line of reasoning, a photograph of a shoe (or a balloon for some people) could be sexual.]

Even More Risque:  Reasoning with Capri Anderson

Naturally we went to the source in order to solve this difference of opinion, and taking time away from her hair appointment, she fully explained everything. According to Shayla, “The pictures speak for themselves.” … So. … Well, that clears it all up. [On the upside, she’s really pretty.]

“Sexy?” or “Sexual?”

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shayla image shayla image shayla image shayla image shayla image

For our part, we would encourage you all to go out and try your own experiments. Find a model and tell her you would like her assistance in a scientific experiment, as you try and conceptualize the difference between Sexy and Sexual in visual media. Then write us back and let us know if that line worked.

[Whatever you do, try to avoid this following expression. With some models it means simply, “Hey, you made me sit down on a really hot rock.” … On others, however, it can mean, “Hey, you made me sit down on a really hot rock, and now I’m going to hit you with this tractor.”]

Colorado Shayla — Sexy, Even in Shock


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