Olivia Del Rio

Shayla, Olivia Del Rio (and Anthony)

Shayla, Olivia, and Anthony

by D.Minion

The Effervescent Shayla

Since Lucky and the guys have been snowed in with code lately, he has put me in charge of the Risque Queue. That means I get to choose what to post next. Mwaaaahaahaha! Absolute power! (OK, I am scheduling much of it myself … with help from the boss.) [You have to be careful about putting DM in charge of the queue, actually. Before you know it, every post will be Olivia Del Rio, Dee, or anyone dressed up in a cheerleader outfit.]

It was time for another Shayla post! Yay! Shayla has given us discs and discs of wonderful photos, so I poured through them and found one with Shayla, her guy Anthony, and Olivia Del Rio! Whoo hoo! [Gee. Imagine that.] That was the one! I adore Olivia Del Rio! I could barely talk with her, and tended to run behind furniture and peek at her the few times we were on set together, but I sure do love her movies and photos! [To this day a particularly fetching photo of Olivia happens to be the only one we’ve ever had run through the office for which D.Minion requested a large format physical print that she could hang up at home. None of us has ever had the nerve to ask where she hung the picture, however.]

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been there when this scene was shot so Shayla filled me in. [Insert “filled in” joke here, and try to avoid D.Minion visuals. We do.]

Shayla has always liked Olivia, and thinks she’s “super hot”, so she jumped at the chance when her friend Jon Yuma asked her (and Anthony) to perform with Olivia in his POV directorial debut. [John did a great job with this set, and we say that even though there does happen to be an unnecessary male in the photos. (That doesn’t happen very often.)]

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Olivia was a friend of Jon’s, too, so all three were helping out a buddy (While having a torrid three-way!). [You know, I’ve been asked to do a lot of unusual things to help around here, but nobody ever asked me to have sex with Olivia and Shayla. Where do I get into the Anthony line?] They spent more time shooting than usual, because Director Yuma needed to figure out the angles so he could get everything just right! [Oh, yeah. Cameras. … Never mind.]

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