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Shayla LaVeauxby eno_erif

There’s an entire story about Shayla performing a toy solo on a bed that I’m being forced to skip over, so … let’s head over to the closet set! [Oh, that’s not true. He was perfectly free to jump ahead and write about that sort of kinky experience. We could have ignored it. We are excellent ingorers here.]

Friday, January 17, 2014 … noon-ish

As you can see from the pictures [well, not here, but in the paid members’ area], it was a real closet with hangers and a rod for hanging hangers and initially there was even a jacket hanging on a hanger hanging on the hanging rod in that closet. But then Lucky took the jacket away because it kept brushing the top of Shayla’s head. Stupid jacket, that’ll learn you. [You just can’t find smart jackets anymore. It’s sad.]

The Modus for Operandi


Whoa, hands away from the zipper, Skipper! [What? No need to be coy, Roy. … Are we doing old songs now? I don’t remember the zipper line, but it’s a good one.]

Before you get down to your monkey bizness, you need to be reminded just how it was that Shayla came to find herself in this predicament. Over at I have to write all the update alerts myself. There’s no fobbing off entries to DM or a nerd (or Shayla). Coming up with new things to say about multiple content shoots taking place in the same room is exasperating. [Well, if you fobbed off some of the initial prose work, it might be easier. We used to not fob at all either, but now we fob all the time. Sometimes we get our fob on just to keep our fob edge finely honed. You see, we learned how tremendous a good fobbing can be. Real Fobbing Wonderful, as a matter of fact. … It Feels FOBulous.] After the Egyptian Suite collection had reached ELEVEN updates with photos having been taken against every wall and on top of every furnishing, I posted this on Shayla’s message board:

“If only Chris King (and the lamps) had been svelte enough to fit into the closet with you, what wonders we might have seen. … ” [Msg #27480 – 01/11/14]

D.Minion quickly responded:

“Ooh! Excellent idea, Eno! Don’t forget the closets! We have another setting! I’ll just peek over Chris’ shoulders for BTS pix!” [Msg #27482 – 01/11/14]

Now, as you all saw, the concept called for Shayla to get into the closet and for CHRIS KING to take those pictures. However, there was no way Chris King was ever going to squeeze into the other end of the RISQUE suite’s closet. Rather than do the sensible thing and scrap the shoot; they waited until I arrived in Las Vegas and assigned me the role of BTS photographer — which returns us to January 17. [That should hardly surprise him. We never do the sensible thing. By definition the sensible thing is the boring thing. We dislike boring.]

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