Shayla LaVeaux

Shayla in Turq Town

Turquoise with EnvyRisque Photograph

by D.Minion

Today you once again get to experience the lovely and beautiful Shayla LaVeaux. I’m just looking at the photos while the guys play with the video so it can be seen here by all of Shayla’s fans. [Technically, one of those “guys” has a vagina, but apparently when a woman uses the term, we have no problem. It must be like that other word where you have to be a member of the group being “insulted” in order to use it — or put it in song lyrics over and over (and over) again — without risking public derision.]

I’m supposed to be writing about this photo shoot at the Rio, however I’m having a difficult time since I WAS NOT there! NOOOOOO! I was run out of the room (along with my posse) like so many head of cattle. Banished from the room while Lucky got to take photos and video of sexy Shayla. But I’m not bitter. … [Of course not. D.Minion also does not have a cheerleader fetish and never yells “BONES!!” every time we take a break and turn on Netflix in the office. … Leadership can be lonely. Even after two decades of friendship and working together, I still get this sort of look from Shayla when I try to explain “The Plan” for the day.]

Lucky explained that this was the first setup after we all had left. Look how hot Shayla looks in her in that turquoise teddy against a turquoise headboard. (By the way, turquoise is one of my very favorite gemstones. I got into turquoise jewelry in the 1970s when I went through my “Cher” period — that I’m not done with yet. Cher used to wear a lot of turquoise jewelry because of her Native American heritage. I used to wear a lot of it because I was (and I still am) a huge Cher fan. [D.Minion just recently spent several thousand dollars flying across the country to see both Cher and Herman’s Hermits in concert in the same week. If you are wise, you will just let that slide and never mention it. That’s certainly what we plan to do.]

Even More Risque:  Colorful Sasha Grey

Shayla is obviously happy and excited to be modeling, but I can’t help but think that she looks as if she wanted me to be there to take behind the scenes photos. [Naturally that was all she talked about. Oh! And how much she missed Maverick! … That was all she talked about too.] Yeah, Lucky is good at taking BTS, but while he’s manning the video cam and the still cam, it’s tough to take BTS photos as well. [Really the problem comes from the big camera making a noise when the shutter trips, thus mucking up the stellar performances. The vid cams are on tripods, so, um … ]

You can see what I mean in the photos of Shayla peeking through her turquoise panties. (Native Americans called turquoise a healing stone that helps repair both the body and the mind.) [You know what the difference between Turquoise and Teal is? … Several thousand dollars in some jewelry. … While we’re on the photos topic, though, folks familiar with our “safe for everyone” standard in non-members areas will quickly recognize that we cannot put very many pictures from this inspirational day out here. You could JOIN. Or you could simply enjoy living vicariously. You get to choose. Ain’t life grand?]

I’m sure as she smiled at the camera she was thinking, “I wish DM were here! I miss her!” And as she’s shooting her g-string at the camera, I’m certain she’s wishing I were there to catch it! [Or she could have been thinking, “I hate this plan. I’m acting like I don’t, but I really hate this plan. … Mostly Shayla hated the “we’ll eat after the shoot” part of the plan, but seeing how she looks she’ll probably be sending me a new car or something.]

Even More Risque:  Cam Shows Archive

As you gaze at the pictures, you can see that suddenly a big, black, dong appears out of thin air. I’m sure Ms. LaVeaux was hoping I’d be there to hand it to her. (I’m really good at stuff like that!) [True. As I recall, Shayla lamented, “It’s almost not even worth having an orgasm without D.Minion here.”]

As I stated before, right now I am unable to see the video that accompanies these pictures, but the photo where Shayla is swinging that dildo has me thinking. … Maybe she was trying to hypnotize Lucky into inviting me back to the photo shoot! (“You are getting sleepy. S-L-E-E-P-Y! You want to call DM’s cell phone and tell her to come back to the hotel to shoot behind the scenes pictures!”) I guess it didn’t work. … [Actually she was saying, “You’re really very hungry. … You want to go eat right now. … Immediately. … ”]

It is said that the meaning of the color turquoise is open communication and clarity of thought. In that turquoise teddy, on that turquoise bed, I can FEEL her unspoken communication — clearly! (“DM! I miss you, DM! I need you, DM! Please come back quickly, DM!”) [Deftly sidestepping the dangerous conversation path here, I will point out a bit of “technique” inspection on these photographs. I’m not certain exactly how the artist accomplished this look, but as a general rule, if you’re looking for a super-saturated effect without bleeding everything over into the Ugly Realm, look up LAB color mode strategies. You can do some amazing things with it.]

So, here is the lovely Shayla LaVeaux. The photos are stunning, and I’m sure the video is sexy as all get out. I just hope the next time Shayla shoots for her site that I can be there to help. Not for me, of course. But because Shayla WANTS me to be there! [D.Minion still laments the time she tripped over a “mean” manhole cover when she was five years old, so we don’t have much faith she’ll forget this any time soon. … We’re gonna need a bigger donut … ]

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