Anais in Repose

Becoming Anais

Becoming AnaisAnais: A Chip Off The Ol’ Kristal Summers!

by D.Minion

Those of you who’ve read the site for a while know that Kristal came to a Risqué Business after being abused by her piece of dog dung of a husband. Kristal is still a bit shy, but she’s blossomed into an assertive young woman, who won’t take guff from anyone. [Right. She insists, now, on paying for all of her own guff.] (And she’s gorgeous, too, by the way!) [True … even just standing by a tree. Life, it seems, may not actually be fair.]

Kristal SummersFlash forward two years. Kristal recently received a phone call from her 18-year-old niece Anais. Anais was living in the mid-west, and had seen Kristal in a movie on Playboy TV. She didn’t know her Aunt Kristal was an adult actress! As Kristal and Anais talked, it became clear that Anais was being abused by HER piece of dog dung husband. Kristal was going to have none of that, so invited her to come to L.A. and live with her for a while. Anais has been in California for a month or so, and she and Kristal have spent lots of time talking. Anais has made the decision to stay here, and divorce the piece of crap she’s married to. (Have I mentioned that Anais’s very smart?) [Yes, and we’ve heard a lot about dog dung types too. Bleh.]

She’s also extremely beautiful. Tall, leggy, blonde, gorgeous, and 18-years-old. Ah ha, I can hear you all saying. Anais should be the next a Risqué Business girl! Don’t think the thought didn’t cross our minds. (Well, it crossed MY mind!) However, she’s just 18, and even though she’s legal, 18 is very young to begin a career in porn. It’s really better to be in your mid-20’s — have some life experience, know what you like, etc., etc. [Yeah, but if you tell anyone we actually try to talk young girls out of being in the porn business, we’ll have to deny it. Sorry.]

Even More Risque:  Calm Before the Stormy Daniels

Anais said she’d be interested in doing some straight modeling, though. And we thought it was a terrific idea! Kristal set up a photoshoot at her house, complete with professional makeup person and photographer. Anais had never had her makeup professionally done, and couldn’t believe it was her when she looked in the mirror. Yup, Anais; it’s you, and you’re beautiful! [It’s amazing what a year can do when you look at things this way. Just compare the "Novice Anais" with the "Ninn’s Anais" (in the photo sets below), and you can see what we mean. These pictures were taken about 16 months apart. Strange business, this …]

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