Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox Bids AdieuOh, Chantelle

by Oui Oui

Time flies in Los Angeles. It probably flies a lot of places, as people from all over seem to claim that, but compared to other places, time really flies in Los Angeles. Just over three short months ago we all [well, most of us] were bemoaning our fate of having to leave Chantelle Fox and head back to the real world. Since that time the industry has turned over a complete 30 or 40 percent, and yet somehow we have managed to survive without anyone telling us of a special twinkle in her minkle. [Hey, it may be rough coming back to California, but imagine how it must be getting off a 9-hour flight and realizing that you’re back in England. Ick.]

Much as we are loath to admit it [although we will confess a distinct fondness for using the occasional antiquated phrase], the credit for Chantelle being a part of our lives rests with Dear Maverick. Along about this time last year, you see, Mav began ruminating about bringing a U.K. star over to America with him for the annual January convention in Las Vegas.

[We interrupt this lengthy edification for a message from our sponsor: Since Chantelle’s journal already covers some 90+ (albeit handwritten pages with liberal illustration), we have made an editorial decision to “postpone” the elaboration of the setup of the events which brought Chantelle to our now devoted attention. We have many, many stories in the queue featuring our new best friend, so we can go on about how crazy we all thought Maverick to be when he came up with this idea at some later date. Thus, we have edited down the process for our purposes today. … ]

The Chantelle Fox Basics:

  1. The 247 folks took an intense liking to Ms. Fox, quickly coming up with an idea — crazy even for them, and that bar has been set pretty darned high over the years.
  2. The aRB folks said, essentially, “You’re nuts, but at least have her write a Journal about the experience, and have her start NOW. At least it will be harder to claim she does not even remember you when it comes time to actually get on the plane and you have thousands of nonrefundable dollars hanging in the balance.”
  3. Mav set about putting all of his eggs in one Chantelle basket, and after much, much hard work the experience with Ms. Fox in America could not have gone better.
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