Rescue Pup Naomi

Paws to Celebrate and Reflect

Paws to Celebrate

by D.Minion

Julia Ann was at home, nursing her newest rescue puppy back to health, when she called to tell me about a fantastic contest to help raise money for animal rescue! Have you ever wanted to have a date with Julia Ann? (I have!) Julia hopes a lot of people would, and that they will enter her contest! [Let’s face it: Helping abused or abandoned animals always ranks high on the important scale, but doing so while dating Julia Ann adds a whole new level of … gee … let’s just go with altruism and call it good.] At the last AdultCon convention, Julia Ann noticed that many of her fans had flown in from across the country just to see her! (Smart fans!) So as the time for the Vice Is Nice party for animal rescue grew nearer, Julia thought that one of her fans just might want to attend it with her! [I should note that I called Julia and volunteered to accompany her so that she would not have to go to all the trouble of a big contest or anything. … I will not note precisely how she responded, but she’s having the contest, if that tells you anything.] Vice Is Nice this year will be the third annual Monte Carlo Night / poker tournament / party to benefit animal rescue. It’s fun, games, and good times; and all money raised goes to help disadvantaged furry friends. [You might be amazed at how many people in the porn industry rescue animals of all shapes and sizes. Of course as silly as it may sound, not all charities even want our money, let alone our active participation in their cause. Back when he owned VCA, Russ Hampshire had a framed check for $10,000 on the wall in his office. It seems the American Cancer Society returned it because they did not want a donation from an adult company.] JuliaAnn.comThe Win A Date With Julia contest is open ONLY to members of If you are not a member, you have time to join – but you need to do it quickly! Julia told me she hasn’t looked at ANY of the entries, yet! All you need to do, in 300 words or less, is to tell Julia Ann why you would like to go to the Vice Is Nice party as her date. [Ah. That explains it. Certainly it would take way more than 300 words to explain how wonderful I am. … That must be it.] Now I’m not sure just how tongue-in-cheek this is, but I know Julia loves her fans. As she was hanging up the phone, she said something like, “I’ll probably end up picking ten people and taking them in a van. I can’t say, ‘No.’” Therefore you might have more of a chance than you think! [Do you think Julia might be missing the point here? … Well, somebody else has to tell her, because I’m still hoping no one enters so she has to take me. … I am not above mercy dates with Julia — at least if they’re for a good cause. … (OK. So the cause really makes no difference, but I like puppies. I’m good.) … ] So grab those keyboards and laptops, join, and pour out your heart to Ms. Ann in 300 words or less!
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If she likes your letter best, you will attend the party of the year with the beautiful Julia Ann on your arm, and you will help raise money for animals and pet rescue! [I just thought of a better idea: Julia will have way too many entries for a busy woman such as herself to read. So I will volunteer to take on that awful task for her. … Now I wonder who will win. … ]

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