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Bathing Booty

Chantelle FoxThe Tub Travails of Chantelle

by D.Minion

I love going to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in January! I always enjoy the convention itself, but the best part has to be taking pictures of my beautiful, naked friends for our various sites. Each year the “players” might be different, but the results remain the same: I have lots of opportunities to capture their sensuality in Behind The Scenes pictures. [Also, we have lots of opportunity for donuts, which honestly have their own kind of sensuality. … And a donut never wants to take your house.]

Every part of the hotel rooms where we stay end up being fair game for photos — the soft beds, the elegant furniture, and of course, the deluxe bathrooms! [We have even been known to take advantage of a bar sink, a random mirror on the wall, or even a closet or two. Beautiful naked women bring out all sorts of creativity — most of it centered around keeping them naked, of course.]

Ritzy hotels tend to have big, fancy, tubs that are interesting as well as fun! And the one in Lucky’s suite this year was one of the nicest we have encountered on our trips. The sides were especially tall, and the fixtures were solid gold! (Well, they were of gold color, and sure looked pretty!) It was a perfect place for Shayla LaVeaux and Chantelle to film another hot girl/girl scene. [After giving this concept some thought, despite being relatively clever folks, we were unable to come up with a bad place for Shayla and Chantelle to have sex, just so you know.]

risque imageHowever, Shayla was beginning to come down with what we found out later was the flu, so she begged off the scene. [We cannot be certain how sick one would have to be in order to turn down the chance to have sex with Chantelle, but it must be terrible. Just getting the flu is bad enough, but missing out on Chantelle too? That clearly violates the Eighth Amendment.] She did, however, begin discussing the incredible orgasms she’d had in bathtubs. She also mentioned that many women have their first orgasms under the warm running water from the bathtub tap. [The women here agree with this assessment 100%, and the men here uniformly responded, “Huh?”]

Even More Risque:  Dating Tenaya

Amazingly, Ms. Fox had not experienced an orgasm this way — maybe English faucets are different from American ones — but she was game to try! [Most of us might not try it on camera necessarily, but we would probably be interested in new ways to have orgasms.] So after the lights and cameras were set up, Chantelle jumped eagerly into the tub. Shayla explained that she should put her legs up on the wall, with her pussy situated directly in the water stream. [Now we do not want to give too much away, but we did want to mention that (A) you have now seen the only black and white picture taken at this event, and (B) the following two panels might be a subtle hint. … ]

Subtle Hint #1

Bathing Booty

Perhaps she’s a great actress and she’s secretly very happy.

Subtle Hint #2

Bathing Booty

Chantelle Fox. Meryl Streep. … Same thing.

[At some point we may need to look up the word “subtle” perhaps. It may not mean what we think it means.]

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