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Remember when you had to read Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Sharer in school? Well, the story made a big impression on me, not so much for its content, since I don’t even remember the plot, if you want to know the truth, but for the wonderful use of an ambiguous title. I can remember thinking, “Does he mean The Secret SHARER, or The SECRET Sharer?” Then I remember forgetting all about the question as I admired the pretty girl in the front row. … Hey, when you look back on life, sometimes it’s pretty easy to figure out how we ended up where we did.

And speaking of looking back, before we just willy-nilly sent everyone off to Maverick’s new post for 247AdultStars today, a dose of retrospect seemed distinctly in order.

Back many, many moons ago, Dear Maverick had joined our little membership site through the Inari Vachs portal, now long gone, although we do see Ms. Vachs on occasion still, and she can still make all of us smile. More to point, Maverick quickly became the preeminent Kristal Summers fan, however, and when we had the first Members’ Party (back when the girls wanted to do this, as it has always been up to them, no matter how it may appear), he decided to travel all the way from England to attend.

You can read all about the entire event HERE if you want, but we can cover the pertinent points for today with just a couple of Maverick Facts from that trip: [As you’ve probably guessed, you can’t really click anywhere over in this example area. Also, the pictures tend to be much more interesting when they don’t have that annoying “darkness” hovering over them. Now we can’t honestly say that about ALL the photos on the site, but that theory holds true as a rule of thumb … and other body parts.]

  1. He said about a dozen words that entire weekend, and we couldn’t swear any of them were actually to Kristal, and
  2. He was so nervous about the site and the web in general that he asked us to obscure his face in the photographs accompanying the event report that we published.
Even More Risque:  Life on Devinn Lane
Dee, Maverick Hiding, Wendy Divine, Keri Windsor, Kristal Summers Kristal Summers, Maverick Hiding Dee, Keri, Wendy, Kristal

Now naturally we did our usual stellar job of Photoshop, completely disguising our efforts so that no one could tell that we were hiding Mav’s face or anything, so you’ll have to believe us when we say that our friend does not, in fact, look much like a giant hamster. (And if you want to know why we used the Blushing Hamster disguise, you’ll have to go back and read that story. Basically, we’re just very odd, and pretty much always have been.) The point being here: Maverick would have had to become about 500% more outgoing just to reach the classification of “shy” in those days.

Fast forward a few years, to mid 2009, and now Dear Maverick is offering Point of View videos with luscious young starlets on his site. And … um … the “view” in these episodes just happens to be his own – literally. Now we completely understand the “point” of wanting to shoot such a collection, and we will happily admit that this particular genre has a large group of staunch supporters within the porn fan base. That said, before any of you folks that actually know Maverick jump off to “view” his particular “point” … well, we thought we should warn you.

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