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Lauren PhoenixHeart vs. Head

by A. Orta

If you can find a guy that has never thought about being a porn star, you need to become good friends with him immediately. There’s something seriously wrong with him, you see, and he clearly needs a friend. [Even in our more evolved modern society, males in the porn business still seem to get a lot more social acceptance than their female counterparts. Apparently we have not quite escaped the misogynistic notion that men are supposed to want to screw everything that moves, while women for some reason do not. Amazingly many people continue to use “science” to justify oppression of simple biology. Last I recall, we no longer actually live in herds, so a compulsion to propagate them seems like a fairly weak excuse these days.]

One look at the lad in this photo, however, and you can understand how it can be more than a little intimidating should fantasy become reality. [Well, you can understand if you happen to be a members. We do not pick which articles appear out here in the free “everybody’s eyes” side, but it does seem an odd choice, considering the whole point seems to be about how frightened the young lad new to performing on camera appears. That said, this will hardly qualify as the only weird thing you find if you spend any time at all looking around even the massive free part of Risqué. … Presuming you do not want to join just to see some random dude look terrified, simply use your imagination. If we can help a little, think not so much “deer in the headlights” as “holy crap, I forgot there was a test today.”]

They have no apprenticeship program for porn studs. You don’t get to work out the details on some bunny slope. Having a girlfriend may [or may not] be a bit of an easier beginning to the work, but even if you’ve had sex with this woman hundreds of times before — and even if you’ve sometimes entertained an audience — you probably have never done any of this in a brightly-lit room with a camera shoved up your butt. [Honestly, were it not for Viagra and other chemical supplements, we’d probably all still be watching Tom Byron and Joey Silvera in our movies.]

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Still, dropping an unsuspecting lad into the middle of a ménage à trois with Lauren Phoenix and Cytherea seems like it might at least violate the spirit of the Eighth Amendment. [Well, some might consider it cruel, but it hardly qualifies as unusual in this business.]

The business has changed substantially over the past decade, so maybe this chap went on to become a popular and successful star in some fringe part of the industry, but on this day, he gave in to being a tad overwhelmed. We called Cytherea and asked her about this scene, and remembers having a great time with “Ms. Lauren Phoenix” every time [she] saw her naked, but the dude doesn’t spur anything in her memory. We feel fairly safe in assuming that he tells a markedly different story about this day when he talks to his friends. [One thing about the male/female scenes, you always can tell when they’re finished shooting. If you look through the photo set carefully, you will note that they never quite got to that point. Too bad for him, but I’m on the side of “he tells a different tale to his friends” people in the office too. We’re all heroes in our own stories, after all.]

You can almost see the look of concentration on the lad’s face in this shot, and that should give all you aspiring “I could do that” stud-muffins out there some pause: If you have to close your eyes and think about something else when you have THIS right in front of you, well, you should probably consider another line of work. It may be all but impossible for the women in adult movies to make the kind of money they do on set, but the men earn substantially less. A lot of jobs make that kind of income. [Also, if you have “that kind of cash” it becomes a lot easier to invite women that look like these two over to your home — where you won’t have a camera up your butt unless you put it there. … Not to be cynical or anything … .]

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