Inairi Vachs, Devinn Lane, Cheyenne Silver

Life on Devinn Lane

Devinn LaneWe Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Men

by Leslie B. Anne

No Man’s Land 26 – part four

Orgies are good. Or at least they have their place certainly. One might tire of them should they happen too regularly, but it would be difficult — if not impossible — to recreate the pure sexual energy in any other situation.

Sex between two people is a beautiful thing — between five, it’s fantastic.Woody Allen

Of course if you find yourself relegated to simply watching an orgy, then golly do we have the cast for you. We even seem to be getting a bit better on the “tangent” for the photos, as at least the ones today come from A No Man’s Land, just not THE No Man’s Land currently running in our Saturday Night [ish] at the Risqué Movies feature. For the record, the photos come from “28” while as you know by now, we happen to be playing “26” in the movie theatre.

Now the young people were truly excited when they found “our Nikita” appearing in the film in our archives, but sadly we had to dash those hopes, as although the actress does look like Nikita, she was not. Still the show did feature Devinn Lane, Cheyenne Silver, and Tiffany Mynx — hence its presence in our archives — and so as lesbian features go, the illustration value here could be a lot worse. [Speaking of dashed hopes … both the video and the photo gallery featured Cheyenne Silver and Inari Vachs, and Devinn Lane made an appearance in at least the photos, but as it turned out, they were all doing things, well, that you might expect beautiful bisexual women to be doing on an adult movie set. Come to find out, while each of the photos had a very special uniqueness to it, nary a one of them included anything much resembling clothing. … So we improvised for illustration here. You’ll have to do the naked part with your imagination, but imagination is a good thing. You should exercise it when you can.]

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