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Reasoning with Capri Anderson

Reasons in the Sun

by Vid E. O. Guru

Capri AndersonOnce again we’ve had a month coming to a close when somebody said, “Oh, Crap! The Free Side … We’ve got to do that blog post too. True to form she then said, “We’re both double-dating tonight, Lon’s off, Maverick’s got that video edit for the Halloween post, and we haven’t talked to Steve, but he’s probably buried in the snow in Colorado and wondering whatever possessed him to think it was a good idea to move back there. Guess that leaves you. See you Monday.”


Just so we’re clear, it may be slightly possible that I have a very few limited skills in some obscure areas. However, this very short list has never included “writer” as one of the entries. (And if you want proof, I can show you an extremely average array of grades from a wide selection of college writing courses.) But we really have been trying to make a concerted effort to pay more attention to the people that want to spend some time out on the non-member section of the site before (surely) deciding that this odd collection of people and their lives might actually be worth twenty bucks a month. OK, so unless you happen to be really up on your telepathy you probably can’t tell that we do talk about y’all fairly regularly, but honestly you can attribute a bit of that to simple capitalism, and as with many aspects of life (despite what mom said) the thought really doesn’t count. Yeah, well, sorry about that. (Seriously, that’s all I got. We’ll have to move along.)

So October has turned out to be one of those “blonde” months, although we did manage to sneak in a peek of a couple of brunettes including our (potentially) new compatriot, Reagan Conner. We also folded from Member pressure and upped our Dee reports this month, a couple of which she was even dressed for — and that doesn’t always happen. We got to see why it makes perfect sense to keep Georgia (Adair) on your mind, even if you don’t like country music, and despite being blonde, Jana Jordan, Juli Ashton, U.K. starlet Syren, and Kristal Summers all helped give us something to look at besides the news or the Food Network or something. That can’t be all bad. Still, we completely sucked in the red-head realm, and the raven-haired beauty fans weren’t singing and dancing in the aisles this month, but as a rule our members tend toward the literate, and the forgiving, so they probably managed just fine. Honestly I don’t usually hear from anyone unless something goes wrong, but now that I think about it, that seems like something we should change. (THAT will teach everyone to leave me with passwords over the weekend. Ah-HA!)

Even More Risque:  Hammock Dee Lights (Upon)

On the upside, I do happen to be quite experienced in picking out photographs of beautiful women, so even though Capri Anderson here won’t technically make her next appearance for our group until later in November, I was able to sneak one in here. That explains why her picture decorates this entry, in case you were curious. Alright, so being an alleged leader does have its perks.

Of course as interesting as all that information may have been, in just a couple of days, you’ll be able to click on the “October 2009” item under the Adult Diary menu at the left here and read much more precisely what we’ve done the last month, and people that actually write for a living created those entries, so they’re probably more interesting anyway. Still, I did in fact accomplish the goal here, however rudimentary it happened to be, and certainly what this lacked in compelling intrigue it has more than made up for in accuracy. Also, we got to see Capri early, so all in all I’d call this a victory. (If you always keep your expectations low, you’ll be amazed at how rarely you have to deal with disappointment.)

Finally, if you want to learn at least one specific thing from this harried entry into the world of our risqué internet, it may well be this: Never, never, under any circumstances, ever, let the boss be in charge of anything important. We don’t really know how to do anything. We’ve just had a lot of luck in our past.


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