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Calm Before the Stormy Daniels

Yearnin’ for Learnin’ — part 2

by Lucky One

Audrey Hollander[If you’re jumping into your browsing randomly — and we of all groups tend to celebrate individuality — you might want to read Part ONE of the Stormy tale (so to speak) first. You can jump back to this page from the bottom of that article, because, well, we try to be really helpful like that.]

Where were we? Ah, yes. Enter Wicked’s newest contract player, Stormy.

Despite sometimes apparent appearances to the contrary, I actually have very little influence over the operation of Wicked Pictures. I happen to be friends with the owner, but that comes from a long time ago when porno times were simpler. Competition has gotten fierce, and “media” has expanded way beyond where it was in 1992 when we met, so most of our dealings these days are, “How’s the wife? and “How about those stupid Broncos?” sort of conversations. I was as surprised as anyone when I read the press release that Wicked had signed Stormy as their newest contract player.

Stormy, NOT with beau Brad.I’d seen Stormy on a couple of sets, but she’d always been very quiet, preferring to hang with her current beau Brad Armstrong. Oops: We need another educational aside. Wicked has become somewhat infamous for signing Brad’s current flame to exclusive contracts. I can definitively bring two points to “bare,” as it were. Not all of Wicked’s contract players have historically come from Brad’s bedroom, and Brad has shown remarkably good taste in women over the years. Were I to venture a guess into the psyche of Wicked’s owner, I would say he now signs these women in spite of the fact that they get naked with Brad for fun. You had to “learn” that little detail to understand that Stormy now has more than just the ordinary amount of pressures on a new contract girl. She has to deal with the “You just got signed because you’re sucking Brad’s dick” comments too. This is not an easy road, and it is at this juncture that our first real conversations evolved.

Wicked has developed an association with a local group promoting “Extreme Cage Fighting” every couple of months. On this most recent November event Stormy was to “represent” Wicked along with our own Julia Ann and Devinn Lane. Basically this involves sitting at a table signing promotional pictures for an hour, taking turns walking around the ring between rounds holding a big number over your head, and throwing out Wicked Schwag to the audience a couple of times, pretending to understand the mentality that would be required to actually cause physical harm to another person, because you want a free t-shirt.


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