The Price of Infamy

A Price of Infamy

Bah-Bah Balcony … or

Porn Stars (and Radio Personalities) are People, Too!

by D.Minion

Lucky & ShaylaProducer of the Howard Stern Show, Gary Dell’Abate (also known as Baba Booey), told Howard on the air that he was going to join his town’s Board of Parks and Recreation. The job is a volunteer one, and Gary said that he wanted to give back to his community, especially since his two young sons regularly use the parks for their football and baseball games. [Also, it’s probably a good way to meet hot moms, but maybe I’m just being cynical.]

As a big believer in volunteer work, I was thrilled that Gary was going to use some of his free time to help his town. “To whom much is given, much is expected,” I always say. [And yet no one around here expects much of me. … HEY! … ]

But not everyone in his community felt that way. Some members of the board questioned Gary’s morals. After all, he works with a “shock jock” so he must be a horrible, unethical person! Once he even threw bologna slices at a naked woman! For shame! [Not to mention, EEEW.]

I kind of remember him throwing the lunch meat. (It happened YEARS ago.) But I know the woman in question was up for the challenge (He wasn’t throwing bologna at random people in the street!), and I’m pretty sure she won a nice prize for her efforts! [Hopefully it was mustard and some nice crunchy bread, maybe a pickle.]

All that made me think about the way porn stars are thought about in the world at large. I’ve learned that while people are titillated by them, most don’t think of them as nice, regular folks. Even fans tend to believe porn stars would happily drop their drawers and have sex with anyone who would ask. [They won’t. I’ve tried. It’s sad.] Police forces and school systems have fired former Adult performers, just because they used to make a living while naked. [Hey, look what happened last time we tried to listen to a naked woman with an apple? How’d that work out?]

Even More Risque:  Chantelle Fox

They don’t understand that except for being WAY less shy than most individuals, porn people are pretty similar to the rest of the population. And like Gary Dell’Abate, they enjoy giving back to their communities – with causes ranging from animal rescue to the fight against AIDS, cancer, and other diseases. [While absolutely true, that “WAY less shy” part does tend to dominate the conversation.]


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