The Price of Infamy

A Price of Infamy

I’m absolutely furious at the small-minded bureaucrats who are thinking about blocking Gary’s nomination to this volunteer position! And I hope he goes all Harper Valley PTA on their asses, digging up dirt they were trying to hide. (For those of you who are too young to remember, the song was great, but the TV show was better! (Barbara Eden starred in it!)) [Also for those of us too young to remember: WHEW.]

[OK. For the record, I have absolutely no idea – whatsoever – at all – what in the world this has to do with Shayla frolicking naked in a tropical setting with three other women. Also for the record, this was the story DM turned in, and so this would be the story we put up. Maybe “getting steamed” made Our Favorite Minion think of heat, which made her think of how Shayla tried to warm up some parts of the country (and its citizens) with some decidedly non-frigid friends. Maybe DM just forgot the topic of the day as she rallied against injustices perpetrated against a man voluntarily calling himself “Baba Booey”. Who knows? … We do know there ain’t nobody ’round here gonna ask her. … ]

Consequently … Jeannie C. Riley (y’all) …

link to Harper Valley PTA TV Show

[We promised D.Minion we would include those links. We could not promise (or even encourage) her that anyone would click on them. If it makes you feel better, we worry about her. We really do.]

I’ve known a lot of Adult stars in my day. The many I consider friends,  I would trust with my life, my dogs’ lives, and certainly the planning board of my town! Check out these photos of Shayla talking with Lucky on the balcony of our suite in Vegas. Wouldn’t you want her on your Board of Parks and Recreation? [If nothing else, I could certainly think of a few recreational things to do with her.I don’t even care about that price of infamy. I’d forgive her. I’m the forgiving sort.]


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