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Ginger LynnCookin’ with Ginger

by Fobby Blay

Honestly, we can’t think of anything that can be more simple, pure, unrefined fun the way making movies can be.

Of course making them with naked sexually adventurous people adds a whole new level of “interest” too. [Also, that may provide a hint as to at least one thing potentially as much fun as making movies, but we could be getting off point here.]

In any profession you will run across some people that just seem born to it. OK. So maybe not research scientists, or something like that, because we simply refuse to believe that somewhere in middle America a five-year-old kid is hanging out thinking, “Gosh, I really hope I can work in a completely sterile environment and analyze stacks and stacks of data all the time. And if 99.999% of what I do turns out to be a complete failure, well that would make it even more special.” [Don’t be silly. There is that kid. And then there are all the other kids beating that kid up.]

Of course the nature of adult movies as one profession does tend to celebrate social diversity perhaps better than any other. You have to be literally a freakish athlete to play professional sports of any kind, and to a great extent, those people all look pretty much the same. But if you have a willingness and a penchant for exhibitionism, somewhere in this business there will be someone willing to pay you for what you really want to do. It takes all kinds of people to make a world. [And we celebrate that. If everyone were only attracted to skinny, statuesque, blondes with angular cheek bones, small pert noses, and big boobs, the world would be a pretty boring place — not to mention that everyone would be completely wrong of course.]

Interestingly the former AVN honchos find themselves currently in the midst of compiling a Showtime special set to reveal “The Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time” — as though that could be an objective task in any way. Remember, these would be the same folks that gave us “The Top 50 Adult Films of All Time” but somehow managed to leave off Alex deRenzy and Gregory Dark. Then they saw fit to put Star Wars XXX on the list. It was an exceptional show, well cast, funny, and well parodied — although movies like Star Wars tend to lend themselves to easy parody — but All Time? [Never forget to factor politics and legal reality into any commercial list that purports to recall the “top” anything.]

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