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2014 AVN Awards Lords (and Ladies)

The 2014 AVN Awards Gestalt

by Sergeant Shultz

I see noTHING.

Assuming you do not happen to be familiar with Hogan’s Heroes, you may feel free to ignore both the byline and that first sentence. Otherwise, you should probably be laughing out loud. You see, not even all of us that get to go to Las Vegas end up getting [having] to go to the Awards Show.

Although Uncle Gibby has the task of penning the “proper” Awards Show coverage for us, D.Minion got [had] to accompany him this year and so naturally she decided [was forced] to shoot some pictures focused — or not — on the gestalt of the event.

Now the first picture there happens to be our favorite, because it captures the moment in time where Brad Armstrong turned to give credit for the Underworld Art Direction win to Art Directors, Andy Appleton and Kylie Ireland. At the moment DM snapped the photo, apparently Andy was explaining how Kylie couldn’t be on stage right then because she was in the bathroom. Some of you may remember that when Kylie won the biggest industry award — “Best New Starlet” — many years ago, she also happened to be in the bathroom. According to Kylie, she actually tried to return in plenty of time, but security would not let her back into the industry VIP section on the floor because Andy had her ticket, and, well, he was on stage as you can see. [Personally I liked the bathroom story better, and now I know how to bug out early next time. Go pee. Forget ticket. Oops. … ]

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