Capri Anderson

A Capri-cious Storm Brewing

A Woman and a Half Man

by Tender Legal

Capri AndersonThis past week on Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen’s character explains that the difference between “A Date” and “A Date Experience” boils down to “about $1,500” – presumably more or less. As you probably know if you’ve been a member here for at least a couple of weeks, or have not been living under a rock, Mr. Sheen has a dispute brewing with our buddy Capri (now Capri Anderson). And despite endeavoring mightily to deny rumors of being “An Escort” Capri has apparently threatened to sue Charlie (Sheen or Harper, they seem to be pretty much the same guy) for somewhere between $3,500 and $12,500 for money “promised” her.

This gets complicated, and these lines get pretty darned skinny, when you get into arguments like this, but we still can’t say too much at this juncture. Eventually court records tend to become public, and then we can talk all we want about “our side” of the situation. Until then, we thought we’d revisit some of the “dates” we’ve had with Capri, even though they’re probably not the “date experience” by most definitions. They are new and fun (read: artsy) photos taken by a visitor on the Night Moods set where we met Capri – again – and so you can enjoy (and think about) them as you see fit.

risque imageSpeaking of complications and very fine lines, this was the same day that Tenaya met Kylie Ireland who was serving as Director on the shoot, at the same she cast herself performing as the “Bride” character – who ends up doing a DP with the Groom and the Priest. Poor Tenaya was trying really, really hard not to be terrified when they began talking about a “Double Anal” variation, particularly when she’d met Kylie first chatting amicably in the makeup chair, then shouting various technical lighting and camera position directives – then walking on set in the Bridal Gown (slash) Straight Jacket ensemble.

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