Capri Anderson

A Capri-cious Storm Brewing

risque imageDear Kylie could see the confusion plainly, and she always works hard to try and make new girls feel comfortable on set, so she stopped in the middle of a fairly sweaty exchange, walked over to the monitors, and kissed a napkin before giving it to Tenaya. She suggested the young lass sell it on eBay, but last we saw Tenaya had it hanging up in her room. Maybe she really wasn’t all that terrified, come to think of it.

At any rate, Capri was on this set, and after hearing about the “frantic” cell phone calls from a locked bathroom, and the subsequent issues of potential jail time for one or both participants here, these pictures simply took on a whole new entertaining light. That picture in the middle happens to come from the actual interview that you’ve been seeing on all the Entertainment Tonight, Insider, TMZ, yada, yada shows. Ain’t that a hoot? We really should post that whole interview come to think of it. Capri’s not nearly as mercenary as they’re painting her if you hear the whole thing. Better yet, maybe we should give it to Capri. (Don’t worry: If that happens we’ll post it here too.) Capri needs somebody on her side in this whole thing.

risque image risque image risque image

And speaking of nuance in retrospect here, if you look at the picture page, you’ll see Capri sitting at a desk, typing on a computer or some such Character in a Movie thing. … Well, that happens to be the desk Kylie actually works at (or did at the time), and if anyone can tell us what Kylie has set as the “desktop” on her right monitor … um … Gibby will buy you a beer in Vegas. Or maybe Mav will. They’re both pretty giving after the first couple of rounds, honestly.

Even More Risque:  Cytherea Stripping Down

As for the video clips here, well, you know we’re putting together our “lists” of what (and whom) we want to accomplish (or interview, but accomplish would be pretty nice too) at the convention in January. So far there’s been no “official” word on whether Stormy Daniels will be attending, but she’s definitely on the list, and we had some new/old video of her, so this seemed like a good time to use it.

Some stories are a lot shorter than others, right?

[As you might expect, you miss out on the further (and honestly more “risqué” photos of Capri out here, and you miss out on Stormy Daniels completely. Members get to see all of that, video included, but you probably expected that too.]

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