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A Risque Thanksgiving

[We always try to do something special on the holidays, and so we thought we’d give you a sample (or warning, whatever) of our general approach. By special we mean heartfelt and humble, of course. And by that we usually mean silly. … Now this actually plays across several pages on the members’ side, but for ease of reading here we’ve reformatted the post. It doesn’t have the “impact” of clicking from page to page this way, but it does make it more simple. We’re never quite sure out about impact effectiveness anyway.]

Happy Risque Thanksgiving!

by Brit Free

Apparently they’re big on holiday posts around here, but that’s hardly the only weird thing about them if you want to know the truth. Those of us left on the skeleton crew find ourselves in a position of wanting rapidly to create distance from the strangeness that we can no longer avoid just putting out there for the rest of you. Consequently, with appropriate apologies, we’ll just begin … with a reference to our posse. (And you should note the spelling of that in case you got confused, by the way.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Risque Thanksgiving Happy Sheriff

We showed him our intended approach to Thanksgiving 2007 …

Risque Thanksgiving Plain Image

Risque Thanksgiving Tankful
But the New Sheriff Didn’t Like our Silly Approach …
Risque Thanksgiving Unhappy Sheriff
He had a suggestion for what we should do with
that “old” approach — as he showed us HIS new way
to encourage members.
Risque Thanksgiving Risque Wanted Poster
Then we fired the New Sheriff.
Risque Thanksgiving An Ass. Or Maybe a Donkey. We're never really sure.
He could be a bit of an … well, you know.
We went back to our Basics.

Risque Thanksgiving Holiday Spread

[Musical Accompaniment deleted in Sample.]

OH! And we now can stop the search, because
we found the perfect Country & Western Risque Thanksgiving Picture.
Sometimes we amaze ourselves.

Risque Thanksgiving Unhappy Brit

Even More Risque:  Petal Pushing — with Shayla (and Milk)

Hey, Mav, by the way …

Happy Risque Thanksgiving! We want you to know that we hold you in the highest regard. … Really. … Swear.

Love & Warm Fuzzies,
All your friends at Risqué


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