Scarlet Red by Michael Ninn

Ninn One, Pearls Two

Ninn One: Scarlet Red and Nessa DevilSolo Synchronicity | Vol. 1

by Webb Jack

It does not take too long in one’s sexual development to realize that being an audience for a bout of self pleasure can be one of the more stimulating ways of reaching our own sexual fulfillment. This does not limit itself to recorded presentations by any means, as anyone that has ever had sex can likely tell you. Nor, as we understand it, does the gender of the “presenter” matter, so long as the one watching finds themselves sexually attracted to the one performing.

However, around here we do tend to focus on movies, and we do not tend to highlight males in the process of self-pleasure, so we consequently admit to some self-imposed limits on our new Risqué Avenues. … All of that said, what better place to start than with our old buddy Michael Ninn?

You can read a plethora of information, insights, and just plain quirks about Dear Michael in these pages; he even has his own “Star” page in the Members’ Section — unique not only because of his Director, as compared to Performer, status, but also because, well, he’s a boy. We don’t tend to talk much about the boys in the business here, truth be told. One writes what one knows, and perhaps the one overriding bias as to why a male decides to become an adult performer keeps us from finding them as interesting. Also, their boobs are not nearly as pretty. So there’s that.

Scarlet RedScarlet RedScarlet Red

When Michael started in the business he was working for a now long-gone production company named Western Visuals, literally sleeping on the couch in the edit bay. We met Michael shortly after VCA had recognized the talent in Mr. Ninn after his Black Orchid release and signed him to an exclusive contract. That was 25 years ago now, and for basically that entire time, other directors, art directors, and editors have been trying to emulate the Ninn Style.

Nessa DevilNessa DevilNessa Devil

We will leave to you the task of determining how well a modern European company has done as far as achieving the “Ninn” beauty look in these solo videos, though. We will likely have quite a bit more to say ourselves as the series continues. We have a lot of solo scenes, a lot of them from Michael Ninn. You may now speculate as to why we like our jobs a lot too.

Even More Risque:  Deft Clefts Denouement

Obviously you should feel free to take these new motivations in whichever direction you consider most appropriate for your own personal situation. You may share them — with whatever gender floats your boat, or your little wo/man in the boat — or you may keep them for your own, returning on some annual schedule like a vacation, or a much more regular one like with Cherry Garcia ice cream. As D.Minion’s personal credo explains, “We just want everyone to be happy.”

Speaking of happy, by the way, we should make clear that even though we have no plans to feature solo males in our new mini-series, we do have plenty of people around that are big fans of it in real life.


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