Hamster Time

Hamster Time — Can’t Touch This …

Kristal’s Beau in “Teau”

Every so often you just have to clear out some files and put up some of what you’ve been meaning to for some time. Today, apparently, would be one of those days. We’ve got a bit of “miscellanea” floating around with no real place to put it, so we put it all in one place.

First, it seems Kristal has a new potential beau in “teau” that dropped his “hamster” audition by the office. We chose to show it to you. Who knew there could be this many mechanical hamsters floating around the retail stores? Then, awhile back Juli talked about “doing an entire battalion” of patriotic Americans, and we wondered just exactly what that meant. A fine and helpful member wrote us to clarify our confusion. We love that. Then, there’s the little family responsibility that we feel, even though “rocks” and “getting your rocks off” don’t necessarily go together. Those of you that have mothers, which we assume to be the majority, will understand the blatant sibling plug and forgive us our direction outside the strictly adult world. Finally, we thought we’d share an unsolicited email from a Japanese Inari fan. With all the writing we do, we often wonder if anyone takes the time to read it. It doesn’t stop us from writing, obviously, but we do continue to wonder. This fine example of detente fills us with satisfaction and hope. Having been filled with much worse on occasion over the years, it seemed an uplifting way to conclude.

Never fear, though. We’ll return soon with our regularly scheduled nudity …

Ciao for niao.

Risque Story
You bet. I’m all over the hamster controversy …
Risque Story
I might want to do a battalion too some day. Tell me about it.
Risque Story
Rocks are one of my favorite things to throw at people. I need to learn more about them.
Risque Story
I love old Godzilla movies. This should fit right in.
Not Hamster Time Video
This sucks.
Show me a beautiful woman masturbating.

Uh-Oh. Our new Mascot has a Rival.

It appears competition looms for “King Hamster that would Lead.” That’s sort of the American Indian name for what seems to be the “object d’affection” to the many people that want to vie for Kristal’s affections. We’re not playing favorites, so we’re putting both options out there. The fact that Brian was in town and dropped this one by the office, and the fact that he happens to be a very large and scary person, really had nothing to do with it. We were just certain you’d all want to see yet another silly hamster clip. Sometimes, we even worry ourselves. Then we generally just stop thinking about it and have some chocolate. Now … we’re going to go look for more clips of pretty women masturbating. That seems way better than hamsters, even if they make Kristal laugh …

Even More Risque:  Kristal Summers Rocks!

[Video Files Deleted in Sample. You must be very sad.]

If you’re a child of the 70’s and a believer in “still” the one, you might prefer this.

Hamster Time

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