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Hamster Time — Can’t Touch This …

More than anyone (except Saddam Hussein)
should know about battalions …

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The basis of a marine unit is the rifle team, it’s a 3 man squad .… But to answer your question, there are about 800-900 men in a peace time battalion, that jumps to 1600 during war time. Each battalion has 4 companies, each company has 4 platoons, each platoon has 25 to 50 marines. That would be a lot of people for Juli to handle … .

******* from San Diego
Her favorite Navy Physician

[I agree with the Doc: That would be a tough day, even for Juli.]

Brokering for the Bro’

You know, I come down fairly solidly on the “sociology” side of the biology/sociology human behavior debate, but there are those odd instances where it’s tough to decide. My brother has had an interesting life, for example. He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in psychology, and then went on to get a post-graduate degree in sign-language interpretation. That career led him to a two-year stint as the interpreter for the only deaf person to ever play professional football, Kenny Walker of our beloved Denver Broncos. Then he moved to California to help with the newly formed web site division of Risqué Management. Then a girl broke his heart. Then he became a homeless drug addict on the streets of Los Angeles for two years. Life is curious at times.

Having lived through my own drug addiction phase I don’t wonder at its occurrence, but rather at its resolution. Many people die. Most never fully recover. The World Wide Web seems to have influenced our family toward a different direction. Now back home in Tennessee (Our mother grew up there.), Guy has become remarkably successful selling interesting rocks on eBay. Odd, that. I told him I’d mention it, and see if any of our members had some interest in his wares, and so this is it. He started a company called “Global Miners,” and you can visit this convoluted link to see what’s up.

Even More Risque:  Colorado Shayla "Deere"

LINK BECAUSE MOM MADE US — Ironically, putting us between a rock and a hard place. Go figure.

I don’t know if any of you have even given more than a passing thought to rocks, but I asked my younger brother a question that should serve to illustrate my wonder. I sent him an email and asked the difference between rocks and stones. That seemed a simple question to me. I got this response …

Now, to answer your question about rocks:

They are technically the same things. “Stone” was a term that was derived to designate a measure of weight (14 pounds) and to define a building block of rock. The terms are now somewhat interchangeable.

However, a “stones throw,” which can’t be far at 14 pounds, is different than “throwing rocks,” which is not recommended in certain houses. Being “stone cold” could affect you being “rock hard.” Being “carved in stone” is different than “rockin’ out.” “Traveling around the world stoned’ is vastly different than “rocking your world.” Moreover, “rolling stones” can be used for the purpose of gathering no moss or to enjoy “rock ‘n’ roll.” “Rolling Rock,” in abundance, could get you “stoned” and maybe cause someone to “rock your world.” Of course, this is again varies from “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” However, there is a similarity between “being a few stones short of a boulder” and “being off your rocker.”

I guess that in general they are exactly the same, only different.

Moral: “Avoid getting ‘stoned'” (in all aspects) and “Rock on … Dude.”

I figure it’s mom’s fault …


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