Hamster Time

Hamster Time — Can’t Touch This …

You keep using that word.
I do not know what you think it means.

This was another honest to goodness unsolicited email. Apparently some people read after all. Booksellers will rejoice.

September 30, 2002

Ms D Minion

As one of Inari Vachs’s fan (because of her beauty and strange name), I started to open InariVachs.com.

Usually adult site is to see or watch and not read. But Risque site is different, there are so much to read. And when I start reading, your reports (or story or article) are very interesting.

It’s written in a delicate sinsibilities, sentence is very refined and attractive. You must be a very good writer. I love your way of writing.

If it is written in Japanese, I think I can read whole Risque site in a half day. But I am reading your English teeterly (correct?). Battery of my erectronics dictionary went dead. I checked words like; sweltering, soriee, mayhem, dastardly, teeter, digress, depilate, accolodate, coccyx, etc, etc … and realized that how poor my english is!

Speaking of Inari, as she said in somewhere it is correct that Inari is originally a god of harvests (mainly rice), later worshipped as the gardian deity of an area.

And in Japanese it is write 稲荷. I hope this letter appears on your screen correctly. If not please let me know with your address, I print out this and send you via Japan/U.S. mail.

Inari’s shrine is always guarded by the pair of fox (stone made two statues of fox). And Inari has a title of peerage. Around 1,200 years ago, when Japan was gradually forming as a nation, the first law or regulation was made, which contained peerage. And heighest rank was given to Inari. The rank is named shouichii, written in Japanese 正一位. Means Exactry (or truely or correctly) Number One.

Well peerage is given to people by the king or emperor. Why human (emperor or king) can give peerage to God? Don’t ask me, I don’t know. Prorobably at that time Humans are living quite near to the God.

Even More Risque:  LaVeaux Love

For an other example, an oldest anthology in Japan was published (of course hand written) around that age, among the thousands of poems, poem made by 観音 was in there. 観音 is the goddess and pronunciation is KANNON. Again how could it be possible that goddess make a poem and put it in an anthology published by human beings?

If you know the camera manufacturer named CANON, their name comes from here. And their camera’s name EOS is from the name of one of three daughters of Hyperion (Well this is your territory).

My mail digress (correct?) so much. I hope you can understand my poor English.

Say hello to Inari, Also please transfer my two pats to her dog.

Thank you,

********* *************

E-Mail: *********@Nifty.com

P.S. Can you recruit Monica Sweetheart to Risque League? I feel she is a nice girl and if you grow her up in your way, she will be a good successor of Inari Vachs in future, I believe.

Thanks again.

Truth be told, his English is substantially superior to our Japanese. The dog pats were delivered faithfully.

Sometimes, life is good …

Not Hamster Time Video
If you made it this far, you can watch an entirely different woman masturbate.
Oh, goodie. Who doesn’t love a bonus? Enjoy it.

Told you. … Hamster Time … Can’t Touch This.

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