Dee and Georgia Adair

Deconstructing Dee

And Shattering Kristal (Summers)

by D. Scretionary

Deconstructing Dee … ? Why would we do that?

kristal on stairsLucky likes to say that I remember the bad things that happen to me. [All of them. Each and every one individually, without exception. … Forever.] I’m not sure that I LIKE to, but I do. I also remember the good things that happen. And this day was both good and bad. [Presumably D.Minion means the day of the photo shoot, and not the day that she put this particular post together, although I didn’t technically ask her because she might have considered this a “bad thing” that happened to her, and then we’d be adding to that already amazingly deep list of things in her life.]

Georgia and her hubby had set up a shoot in a beautiful mansion in Malibu. I believe Dee drove out with Georgia and Mr. Adair. Lucky and I brought Kristal Summers. [That makes sense, right? We can’t have all the porn stars in the same car. That’s just wrong.]

The mansion wasn’t huge — as locations go, and the owner had some stupid rule about having ONLY five people shooting at the house. [Actually, property owners base their rental fees on usually how many cars will be there, but occasionally they will count the number of people instead. You may not know it, but there exists such a thing as a “Location Company” which employs folks to bring together people that own property with people that want to shoot movies, or magazine layouts, or commercials, basically anything that needs a background. Now these Location Companies don’t get paid anything for their efforts unless a deal actually gets made between the two parties they represent, in which case they get a percentage of the rental fee. It doesn’t take much of an imagination for you to figure out that “sometimes” the Location Company Representative can sort of … let’s call it slant … what they tell either side of the negotiation, seeing as how these two parties are almost never in the same room when the deal goes down. Now to be fair, I will admit that they don’t always lie to one side or the other, though. Usually it’s both of them. … Hey, five people, five cars, whatever … .] When we arrived, Georgia, hubby, Dee, photographer, and makeup artist were already there.

risque womenLucky and I didn’t mind going home, but we thought it was silly that Kristal had to go back with us. She’s quiet, adorable, sexy, and weighs about 100 pounds soaking wet. She doesn’t take up too much room.

Even More Risque:  Purely Feminine Fatale

[Also, as anyone that has ever met her will tell you, Kristal has always been quite willing to get naked and join the festivities when there are other … let’s call it fun-loving … women around. Were I a betting person, I would wager that Dee and Georgia had discussed this unique opportunity on the ride to the shoot that morning. Call it a hunch.]

However, the owner sent us all on our way. [Actually the Location Company Representative pleaded with us to leave and not make a scene, by having a discussion with the owner about what we’d been told prior to agreeing to the deal. D.Minion doesn’t always remember these slights with 100% accuracy, but that does not interfere with her lovingly held disdain, however. … For my part, since I happened to know exactly how much the Location Company was going to earn that day, I was able to negotiate a discount of twice that amount on our next shoot, coincidentally happening the following week. … Knowledge is power. Remember that. … Also, this meant that after dropping DM back at the office I had Kristal all to myself for the day, never a bad thing. As I recall, I toughed it out.]

Deconstructing Dee turned out Delightfully!

Consequently, although we have no Kristal pictures on this day (Boo!), we have some fabulous photos of Georgia and Dee! (Yay!) Enjoy! [Pictures of Kristal? … I’ll see what we can do. … I know. I know: Work, work, work … Deconsructing Dee. Deconstructing Kristal. … ]


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