Dee at KSEX

KSEX Daisy

Dee on KSEX Couch[Things often seem to go in waves for whatever reason when it comes to free user interest, so without trying to understand the rationale behind it, we have simply learned to listen. Long before everyone and their best friend had a video podcast forum, the industry had this wildly fun group called KSEX that had an impressive array of on-air talent — y’know, even though it would technically have been “on wires” talent, since you could only tune into the “station” on the web. For a variety of reasons, one of the peripheral girlfriends tended to garner a lot of attention, thus earning her the “KSEX Daisy” moniker. To her we pay repeated tribute and give additional thanks today.

Stopping to Smell the Daisy

by D.Minion

dee and ksex daisyWhen I arrived at the KSEX studios, Dee and her guy Brandon were already there. They’d ordered a 28-inch pizza for the cast and crew, so I happily chowed down on a couple of pieces. Dang, a 28-inch pizza is huge! Engineer Soxxx insisted he had “pizza envy.” (Hee, hee!) [This is why Engineer Soxxx is single. Never pass up a subtle opportunity to comment on a porn girl’s “pie” if you can help it. … We wouldn’t suggest that with just regular women, though. We should always remember our audience. Practicing what we preach, Dear Audience, we should note that you’ll see lots and lots of pizza pictures today — as well as a few pie ones.]

Co-ho Skibba was late again, stuck on the 101, since the roads were still reeling from the mudslides of the previous few days.

Dick was there plenty early, though, with two bottles of wine. Dee was so “fucked up” on wine the previous show that Dick wanted a repeat performance. [Only DM would put quotes around “fucked up” in a porn story. People are right. It’s strange around here.] Dee said she “kind of” remembered hitting on Daisy at the end of the last show. She sheepishly said that she gets “frisky” when she drinks. [And she doesn’t mean the “cat” kind, although pussy would certainly come into play, so to speak.]

Even More Risque:  Life on Devinn Lane

Because Daisy pushed Dee away from her, Dick wondered if Daisy liked girls. Ah … civilians. They don’t understand that most women even tangentially associated with the porn industry are at least a little bi! [And what DM means by “a little” is hugely.]

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